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At 16:11 10/28/2000 -0000, Roland Thigpen wrote:
>> The GM Commandoes are officially known as RGM-79G. =)
>D'OH!!! You're right. I forgot their designations, I was thinking the
ground type GM...

        No prob. The ground GM also has the G designation, so it's confusing.

>>one 79G-type by bazooka (under the bridge -- Chugun's original question
came from this).

        Which, just as the Kampfer pulls up to take a shot with his bazooka,
you see the remains of a Sniper type, which was destroyed without us seeing it..

>Nope, never see this. Next time you see the Kampher, it is attacking the
Alex with its bazooka and then its second shotgun.

        I distinctly recall seeing one of the Snipers get shot down, but I
can't recall *how*. Hmm. Good excuse to rewatch the show. =)

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