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On Sun, 29 Oct 2000 00:01:53 +0800 Lim Jyue <> wrote:
>At 15:52 10/28/2000 -0000, Roland Thigpen wrote:
>>Um, yes and no. There were 3 GM Commandoes, one production model Guncannon
>and 2 Sniper II model GMs in the Scarlet Team. 2 commandoes were taken out
>by Panzerfausts, one by the bazooka, the Guncannon by a shotgun, and it
>wasn't revealed how the Sniper IIs were destroyed. It was only said that
>Scarlet Team was destroyed. I just rewatched that part. There were no RGM-79Gs.
> *Wide Grin*
> The GM Commandoes are officially known as RGM-79G. =)

D'OH!!! You're right. I forgot their designations, I was thinking the ground type GM...

> As for your question... The Guncannon got hit on the descent

Yes, by a shotgun, which Mikhail then tosses and grabs for panzerfuasts, leading to....

, two
>79G-types by Panzerfausts,

Th Guncannon then is shown hitting the city, knocking out power in several locations, then....

one 79G-type by bazooka (under the bridge --
>Chugun's original question came from this).

Flash to NT-1 storage bay fight, then back outside, with this scene. Then flash to the Feddie C&C room (I guess) where you here "Scarlet Team destroyed." You never see either of the Sniper IIs hit.

One Sniper was shotgunned, I
>think, the other was shown as destroyed without showing how. At least, it
>should be a different Sniper...

Nope, never see this. Next time you see the Kampher, it is attacking the Alex with its bazooka and then its second shotgun.


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