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Someone -- Chris Maier? -- asked about how many Zeta Plus variants there were.
It didn't register at first, but I got to thinking about it later and it seems
that there've been more Zeta variations than any other Gundam.

First, there's the Z-MSVC series. This includes the Zeta prototypes, MSZ-006-X1
Prototype Z Gundam X1 through MSZ-006-X3 Prototype Z Gundam X3; the MSZ-007 Mass
Production Type Z Gundam, and the MSZ-008 Z Gundam II.

Then there's the aforementioned Zeta Plus series from Gundam Sentinel, which
includes the MSZ-006A1 Zeta Plus A1, MSZ-006A2 Zeta Plus A2, MSZ-006A3 Zeta Plus
A3, MSZ-006B Zeta Plus B, MSZ-006C1 Zeta Plus C1, MSZ-006D Zeta Plus D, and
MSZ-006R Zeta Plus R.

Model Graphix Gundam Sentinel Variations gives us the MSK-006 (MSZ-006A1) Zeta
Plus Amuro Ray Type, MSZ-006A1B Zeta Plus A1B, MSZ-006BN Zeta Plus BN,
MSZ-006C1(Bst) Zeta Plus "Hummingbird", and MSZ-006Proto Zeta Plus Prototype.

Model Graphix Originals gives us the MSZ-007 Zeta Rapier-I.

CCA gives us the RGZ-91 ReGZ (Refined Gundam Zeta), which begat the RGZ-91B ReGZ
Custom among the MS Encyclopedia Originals.

In the Revival Of Zeon side story, Kazuhisa Kondoh presents his own Zeta Gundam
II, the A/FMSZ-007II.

In the MS Saga Gundam 0099: Moon Crisis side story, Masafumi Matsuura unveils
the MSZ-006> Zeta Prompt and MSZ-006PL1 Zeta Plutonius.

Out Magazine's O Gundam side story includes the MSU-010 Zeta Gundam Mark II.

Put them all together and you've got quite a squadron!


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