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>At 02:16 10/27/2000 +0800, Chungus wrote:
>>I think there were more than 2. 2 of which were shot down in mid-air and one
>>was "sniped" by Kampfer's rocket (it was standing near a bridge).
> Nope, that was a GM, not a Sniper-II. By the colour, I think it's a
>RGM-79G, but why a White Base will be carrying G-types is beyond me..

Um, yes and no. There were 3 GM Commandoes, one production model Guncannon and 2 Sniper II model GMs in the Scarlet Team. 2 commandoes were taken out by Panzerfausts, one by the bazooka, the Guncannon by a shotgun, and it wasn't revealed how the Sniper IIs were destroyed. It was only said that Scarlet Team was destroyed. I just rewatched that part. There were no RGM-79Gs.


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