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        The great -Z- denigns to grace his presence in a thread I started! =)


>An acceleration of 2.95 to 3.67 G shouldn't be a problem, especially if the
>pilot suit is designed like a conventional jet pilot's G suit. Fighter pilots
>routinely pull 6 to 9 G, albeit not for extended periods.

        Eehh.. Actually, my T/W ratio meant how much thrust (in kg) 1 kg of
deadweight will recieve under full thrust. For example, a T/W of 2.95 meant
if the GT is reduced to a mere 1kg block, it will have a thruster array
which can produce 2.95kg of thrust.

        In this sense, I don't think it *quite* means 2.95G.

>Back before we had the Space Transportation System, our astronauts were

        You mean, in layman's term, the Space Shuttle. =)

>Negative G is less tolerable, reducing the maximum to 2 to 3 G for short term.

        For those who are interested, IIRC the reason (as discussed on this
list about 2-3 years back) was because the human organs were designed (via
genetics) to be more tolerant of positive G than negative G. In other words,
if you spend too much time in too much negative Gs, your organs will detach
themselves and make a mess of your innards.

        Actually, didn't Mosk said something to this effect in the Gundam
novelization? Book 2, IIRC.

>Vibration in the airframe is actually more problematic.

        How big a problem will this be for space MS? I understand the low
frequency vibration can really make you sick -- sort of like sea-sickness,
only that you're in the deep space -- but I suspect a bigger problem, at
least mechanically speaking, is metal fatigue and wear and tear.

>Noise is also a problem. Space boosters produce noise levels of 145 to 175

        A bit OT, but didn't submariners have something called the
Discomfort Index or something, to indicate how bad things were in the submarine?

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