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Sounds sweet. Think that it would look good with Cima's colors?

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Yes, I know everyone is dying to hear the details on this kit. I must say
that the HG line keeps getting better and better. The proportions
throughout the body are nice except for the head where I find a bit wee too

No major problems in assembling the kit, pretty straight forward.
This guy is filled with details. Under the skirt and under the legs you'll
actually find moveable thrusters like in the MG Gelgoog.
As for posing, this guy rocks!!! Yes we know that the leg can't stretch
upright but that's just because of the design fault. Gelgoog wasn't
designed for sitting down, instead it's designed to soar in space.

The fuel tanks in the backpack can be detached and it's all connected by
polycaps. The same goes for the spike shield. The MMP-80 gun is nicely
molded but I find it little bit small in proportion to the kit. The 2 beam
sabers are molded in clear yellow plastic and that goes for the hilts too.
So you have to paint the hilt to match the grey color.

This kit also comes with four sets of hands. Two closed fists to hold the
lightsabers. One to hold the gun on the right arm. And the last one is open
palm for the left arm.

Colors are molded throughout except for the small parts where painting is
required for detailing. However the grey parts a bit too dark, compared to
the pictures. The green is just fine.

Now before I end this review I want to point out one nice feature that I
didn't expect at all. The back side of the leg (not thigh) is one huge
plastic panel that covers up the leg. Take a look on the pictures of the
back side and check for the panel lines that separates them. That whole
panel is one part. A pretty neat feature because now you can make dioramas
of the Gelgoog in repairs convincingly. Not to mention battle damage too.

This one HG kit you won't be disappointed. Enjoy.
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