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> Hey, I noticed that the main guy (I guess the main guy) in Zeta
> Gundam is
> Camille Vidan. But I got a rom of Zeta Gundam for SNES, and the WHOLE
> time, Camille is being called Kamiyuh. Any reason that might be?
> -
 IMO Camille and Kamiyu are very far name conversions (Kamiru with a
 silent -u would be a better trade). Heck I didn't know 'Kamiyu' was a
 feminine name (since this was one topic that started Kamiyu's and
 Jerid's Fight in the 1st eps of ZGundam "Kuro i Gundam"/The Black

According to the ZETA GUNDAM box set liner notes, Camille Vidan was based
upon a 19th Century French artist named Camille Claudel.

so the proper name is Camille Vidan, not Kamiyuh or Kamiru


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