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I like it! Sounds like a cool idea to me.

Joaquin Torres

Echo|Fox wrote:

> Remember when we brought up GML T-shirts awhile ago? I think I may have
> found a solution to the problem of someone having to bite the bullet and get
> them printed. Basically, if you goto you just
> upload the design and they print and sell the T-Shirts for you. You can set
> the price to be whatever ... in the GML's case, we just make it the cost of
> the T-Shirts for legalities sake and all that.
> 'tis absolutely free, and they appear to be of good quality.
> Since the expensive and time consuming aspect of it would be gone, anybody
> interested in buying a shirt if we could get a decent design? Anyone with
> artistic talent could draw/Photoshop something up, we could all vote on the
> design, and there would be much rejoicing.
> Anybody game?
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