Fri, 27 Oct 2000 13:46:06 EDT

OK,now that I've actually finished the kit,it's time for a no holds barred
review of this badboy(that i'm sure you guys are looking foreward to)

Very sturdy,the antennae(sp?) on it are much more stable than the V-fins of
the past. The clear eye piece of the ground gundam was reshaped to add a
wider base on the bottom for the EZ8's sorta helmet strap around it's
chin.this,with the recessed face of the EZ8 makes it look like it wants to
play hockey instead of blowin up some Zakus ^_^

The kit came with two cockpits,one smaller than the other. This was quite
confusing when I was making it around 1AM last night and took me 10 tired
minutes to figure out to use the other one -_-. The chest can open up
smoothly,very fine details in it as well.

As previously mentioned,the interior of the leg is essentially the same
except for some indentations along the armor to simulate welt marks I'm
guessing. These "weld" marks are in the chest as well. This totally adds to
the whole story of the EZ8 as an on field mock up fixed to parts just laying
Also previously stated,the outer armor is linked to one another,to allow it

Exactly the same,though the new shoulders has a moveable bar on it(for the
parachute pack sadly enough,missing from this great kit)

Same old backpack from the ground gundam,just the interior block has been
changed to accomadate the collapsable bazooka.

The same arsenal from the ground gundam sans the long cannon which has been
replaced by the bazooka. Oddly enough,looking at the parts tree,they kept in
the piece that connects the long cannon to the ground gundam's shield. This
is probably an oversight by Bandai most likely.

Final notes:
The EZ8's a very nice kit. It had the same stocky quality to it like it's
predessor(sp?). One thing, while the bane of most model kits are the scars
the pieces get when cut from the parts tree, on this kit the scars almost
seem like they belong there. It's as if the scars make it look even tougher
because of the refurbished nature of the EZ8.

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