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Resin kits are expensive because they are a limited production run. Unlike
the molds for regular plastic kits which can almost last forever. The
resin kit molds are made of RTV rubber which is good for only a couple
houndred kits before they begin to wear out. And if you remember your
basic economics of supply and demand, when supply is low and demand is high
then the cost will go up.

The most I spent on a resin kit was $300 for an original 1/72 scale
Nu-Gundam and $175 for a G-Commander.

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They've made a MG FA ZZ, I've seen that around, it was released pretty
recently. And why is the 1/100 Resin Deep striker 300 dollars?! I know
it's like huge and all, The battleship mega particle gun is over 2 feet
long, but that's still alot of money. What's the deal with resin kits

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