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Fri, 27 Oct 2000 13:27:32 -0400

> I think all the doms in the manga looks alike (check out the one when BD-1
> killed it instead of Phillip), so it is not the 3 aces getting custom made
> units like HM zakus. Probably the author's preference, it you have
> noticed, he might be left-handed too (all the weapons are held with MSs'
> left-hand...)

If you're talking about the english translation, that's probably due to
page-flipping, which reverses the panel order to make sense for english
readers (left to right, rather than right to left). I haven't actually seen
the manga, so this is a complete guess.

As for the Dom's appearances, manga artists frequently take liberties with
the designs, and none of it should be considered canon.

> Anyway, are those RGM-79D (cold-climate GMs)? It is just disappointing to
> see that they don't match Doms performance in Giren's Greed... my favourite
> as well... sob : -(
> By the way, is there any working PSX emulator for Giren's Greed??

I've played it on my G3 Mac with Connectix Virtual Game Station with no
problems. Version 1.4 has no region blocking.

-scott   \\

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