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What I was trying to say is that the SPs are built for Snipping, not replacing
older GMs or in fact the GSs themselves while the GSs are meant to replace older
GMs. I didn't say or meant to say the GSs are going to replace the SPs......
sorry for the confusion.

I thought it might be unfair towards some types of GM who will not need 100% fuel
for a particular type of mission etc. Of course, there are no better
alternatives that I can offer. IMO, the base weight might mean more when you
compare across GMs. We are not trying to find out durability, fighting ability,
cost-effectiveness etc. but purely on speed, so why not base weight?

Same backpack doesn't mean same thrust, I agree. Should it be higher simply due
to technology advancement since 0079? I do expect Nemos to have a higher thrust
but both SPs and Powered GMs are not mass-produced (one-off costs) while the
Nemos are. This might explain the lower thrust of Nemos. The Cs thrust are less
than both Ds and Rs, that's where I drew my conclusion.

Anyway, just want to know what is your favourite GM (not nemo, jegan etc.)
That's what I think:
1, RGM-79D
2, BD-1
3, SP
4, RGC-80 (brown coloured)
5, Powered GM

Lim Jyue wrote:

> At 01:59 10/27/2000 +0800, Chungus wrote:
> >I think the GSs' 70+ tons came from the extra fuel. These GSs are meant to
> >replace the older GMs, not the SPs.
> Eh? I never said the GS is meant to replace the SP. In fact, had the
> production of SP been cheaper and had continued, it's probable that a SP
> variant will replace the GS.
> >They must have designed the GSs so that they can last longer in combat while
> >the SPs have a more special role. I am sure they don't go into combat fully
> >fuelled everytime (say the defensive battle in 0080).
> Can't say anything without more hard facts, so we need to go with
> the full weight, which represents both fuel and weapons, I think. IMO, it's
> pretty worthless to use the base weight as a measure, since a base weight
> would mean a GM which has no fuel and no weapons other than vulcans and beam
> saber(s).
> >The Ds are the predecessor to the Rs (same backpacks). The Qs might not be
> >produced in such a large number while the Rs are.
> Again, since the Quell appeared for all of 5 seconds in 0083, we
> really won't know how prolific Quells are. In fact, given that the Quell
> appears to be a Titan-only GM, the production numbers may actually be rather
> small.
> It's not really safe to say D-types are R-type's predecessors due to
> the backpack. As it is, the C-type also have a four-thruster backpack, and
> the overall shape of the torso and head of a C-type is closer to an R-type
> than a D-type (oohh, my head..), so I would have thought a C-type would be a
> better choice.
> >How come the Nemos' main thruster have a lower value than the SPs when they
> >have exactly the same backpack?
> Again, backpacks aren't necessarily the deciding factor of thrust --
> things like thruster design, fuel consumption and all that comes into play.
> For example, a Powered GM only has two thrusters from the backpack, but it
> has about the same thrust as a Nemo too.
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