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Devil Gundam rising... and now I'm here, although I'm not
a Domon...;-)
James II L Ravelo wrote:
> When Ryoji and the Gundam landed on Earth, he dicovered that
> the Gundam's controlling AI was damaged/corrupted, probably
> during the re-entry, and thus the Devil Gundam was born.

His name is KYOJI, Kyoji Kasshu. (In the series proposal and early
Bandai kit manuals called him DANTE... what an odd change...)

> but Fuunsaiki (did I spell right? - anyway, the horse that
> Master Asia uses) did Wong in,
To be more correct, the MOBILE HORSE piloted by Fu'unsaiki did it all.
(originally Master Gundam used the MH as its flying flatform.)

James II L Ravelo also wrote:

> After Dr. Kasshu discovers that Domon had been, for lack of a
> better word, insensitive with Rain, he tells Domon to tell Rain
> what he (Domon) feels about Rain. Allenby also helps ("Newtype"
> projection perhaps?) in convincing Domon.

Edmund Chiu corrected:

> Actually, he just explain that the Devil Gundam is behaving
> according to Rain's subconscience - she is still trying to stay
> away from Domon since she still felt guilty and believe Domon
> can live just fine without her.
And actually, Dr. Kasshu suggested that Domon should KILL the
organic unit - Rain, of course - to stop that horrible Devil Gundam.
But then Allenby says (in her famous 'fairy' makeup, through the
amazing telephatic bonds...) "Have you ever told her that you actually
loves her?" or something like that, and that was the good move. :-)

jose luis manalansan 4 wrote:
> if I can recall correctly. The original name of the
> Devil Gundam was Gundam Alchemy or Alchemy Gundam.

It is 'A-ru-ti-me-to Ga-nn-Da-mu' in katakana. 'Ultimate Gundam', perhaps?
(I'd rather call it BORG GUNDAM if you excuse me...;-> )
> all the mechs used in GGundam were not termed as MS but as MF
> (mobile fighters) and were controlled via mobile trace system.

Not all the mechs. They still use the conventional MS's that
can controlled by sticks and pedals. (ex. Neo Japan's Nobussi
and Bussi, or those transforming helicopters that was used by
Neo American intelligence in New York...) These old-type suits
were usually used by military forces or construction workers.

> however i can't recall wether the MTS was present in the DG.

Certainly not. All the organic units ('pilot') like Kyoji or Rain
was directly connected with the DG through the tentacle-like wires.

-Sunwook Kim

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