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At 01:59 10/27/2000 +0800, Chungus wrote:
>I think the GSs' 70+ tons came from the extra fuel. These GSs are meant to
>replace the older GMs, not the SPs.

        Eh? I never said the GS is meant to replace the SP. In fact, had the
production of SP been cheaper and had continued, it's probable that a SP
variant will replace the GS.

>They must have designed the GSs so that they can last longer in combat while
>the SPs have a more special role. I am sure they don't go into combat fully
>fuelled everytime (say the defensive battle in 0080).

        Can't say anything without more hard facts, so we need to go with
the full weight, which represents both fuel and weapons, I think. IMO, it's
pretty worthless to use the base weight as a measure, since a base weight
would mean a GM which has no fuel and no weapons other than vulcans and beam

>The Ds are the predecessor to the Rs (same backpacks). The Qs might not be
>produced in such a large number while the Rs are.

        Again, since the Quell appeared for all of 5 seconds in 0083, we
really won't know how prolific Quells are. In fact, given that the Quell
appears to be a Titan-only GM, the production numbers may actually be rather

        It's not really safe to say D-types are R-type's predecessors due to
the backpack. As it is, the C-type also have a four-thruster backpack, and
the overall shape of the torso and head of a C-type is closer to an R-type
than a D-type (oohh, my head..), so I would have thought a C-type would be a
better choice.

>How come the Nemos' main thruster have a lower value than the SPs when they
>have exactly the same backpack?

        Again, backpacks aren't necessarily the deciding factor of thrust --
things like thruster design, fuel consumption and all that comes into play.
For example, a Powered GM only has two thrusters from the backpack, but it
has about the same thrust as a Nemo too.

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