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I have Wing kits that are at the bottom of the vote :(. I'd actually rather
post UC kits but to my chagrin my nearby hobby shop only stocked up on Wing
kits(DOH!). So I figured, what the hey and bought some, since I am, after
all, an all-Gundam fan. As you can see by some of them, I decided to forego
traditional color schemes and instead paint my kits in different color
Deathscythe Hell-I took this one and turned it into "Deathscythe Inferno"
which has a color scheme remiscent of Basara Nekki's "Fire Valkyrie" from
"Macross 7". Then I took The Endless Waltz kits of Sandrock and Nataku and
converted Sandrock into it's old, TV series color scheme. Finally, I took
Nataku custom and gave it a black/purple color scheme similar to the
Dom/Black Trinary/Black Vanguard.

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what a question.

*whacks richie*

i'm there. i'm one of those shameless flying voters
on gundamshop who votes twice or thrice daily, just
because i want to see the kits that deserve to win be
on top. by "kits that deserve to win", i mean kits
that have been given serious modelling effort (like
that orc-gasmic ex-s leading the ratings right now, or
peter's rx 93, or cody kwok's gp02 last month).

i HATE that it sometimes becomes a popularity contest
where unpainted, unmodelled wing kits that are plainly
snapped together lead the ratings just coz they're
wing kits.


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> I'm beginning to notice that quite a few of us are
> there, like Peter,
> James, Chris and I. So, anyone else from the list
> in thar? and my
> apologies if I didn't see...
> just go to, andthen off to the
> model gallery area.
> Peter, your Nu is simply sizzlingly bee-yoo-ti-ful.
> If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light,
> I would have brought a
> flashlight.
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