Sat, 28 Oct 2000 01:01:35 +0900(KST)

Dafydd wrote:

> Nice to hear from you again, Sunwook!

Well, thanks for remembering me, Dafydd. I've been away from my computer
for months because of military service thing and so on. But now I'm back
alive and well. (though I'm lurking around rather than corresponding to
the list, most of the time...:-)

> And, as usual, you have all the references ready to hand that I've had to
> pack away. I knew there were more of these, but couldn't remember them
> offhand and couldn't lay hands on my Model Graphix Specials (Project Z,
> Mission ZZ & Gundam Sentinel).

I have the similar problem with my sci-fi movie magazines like Starlog
and so forth, packed neatly and forgotten by me... :)

>> Eta: MSZ-007 Zeta Rapire-I. Exclusive design by Masahiro Oda.
> Hmmm, I think that's supposed to be "Rapier" (as in a sword).

I thought so, but Model Graphix's Project Z modeling book suggested
'RAPIRE', so strange...:->

>> Mu: RX-90 Mu Gundam. No visual design given.
> Ah, so there was a Mu Gundam after all? Something between a Zeta and a
> ReGZ, going by the model number.
...or something between a RX-78 and a Nu Gundam, I suppose... :)
Ah, and thank you for your educational explanations about the usages
of the Greek Alphabets, Dafydd!

>> 'Mobile Suit ALPHA Gundam'(!)... :->
> Well, at least they didn't jump all the way to Omega Gundam....
How true! ;->

-Sunwook Kim

܆+ޱjya uz(

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