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He is a newtype for sure, but that doesn't mean he can "let his presence know
to his would be rescuers"? The feds must have enough funding or whatever in
the intelligence field to locate him, but how come they did not figure out the
Solar cannon? If Revil was such a decent newtype, why can't he sense the
solar ray like Amuro (I guess he was in it...)? Anyway, is it true that Giren
could have killed more feds if he wasn't trying to kill his father?

Franz Co wrote:

> >Actually, he might be a Newtype. When Lahlah makes her attack >at Fed
> >Occupied Solomon, Revil was the first person to sense her >psychowave.
> >[ Rodrick Su
> He probably is. One fact Id like to point out is that even if he says that
> he believes that Newtypes are just spacenoid propaganda, he supports
> Newtypes such as Amuro and (presumably) the development of the NT-1 Alex.
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