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Franz Co wrote:

> One of the things I noticed about the MG line is that most of the models are
> mostly "good guys". The only exceptions to this are the OYW Zion mecha,
> ,the GP02a, Titans Mk. 2, GM Quell and the Sazabi (w/ two of those mentioned
> Gundams). So in this spirit I would like to ask: what enemy(Zion, Titan,
> Neo Zion, etc.) non-Gundam, non-OYW MS would you like to see in MG?
> (yes Richie, we know you want an MG Bawoo)
> my picks:
> MSN-03 Jagd Doga
> AMS-119 Gear Doga
> RMS-106 Hizack
> AMX-11 Zaku III
> AMX-004 Quebeley
> RMS-108 Marasai

How'd you forget the Zaku's (05, 06, 07) ?

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