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Fri, 27 Oct 2000 08:45:33 -0400 (EDT)

One of the things I noticed about the MG line is that most of the models are
mostly "good guys". The only exceptions to this are the OYW Zion mecha,
,the GP02a, Titans Mk. 2, GM Quell and the Sazabi (w/ two of those mentioned
Gundams). So in this spirit I would like to ask: what enemy(Zion, Titan,
Neo Zion, etc.) non-Gundam, non-OYW MS would you like to see in MG?
(yes Richie, we know you want an MG Bawoo)

my picks:
MSN-03 Jagd Doga
AMS-119 Gear Doga
RMS-106 Hizack
AMX-11 Zaku III
AMX-004 Quebeley
RMS-108 Marasai

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