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Thu, 26 Oct 2000 21:57:49 -0700

>Just picked up 2nd SRW from a store today and noticed Gundam 0079 Side
>Story for the Dreamcast. Any idea on this game and/or whether a decent
>dreamcast emulator is available that can run this game?
>The CD cover features a Gundam (probably RX-78), a Guncannon, and a
>Guntank in a desert/wilderness background.

That's the Premium Disc for the Gundam 0079 Side Story: Rise from the Ashes
game. The disc is not for sale to the general public, it is only available
to registered purchasers of the original Japanese version, so you shouldn't
buy it unless your system can play Japanese games. Bandai of America hasn't
made any announcements regarding its availability in the U.S.

The disc came in the form of a simulator designed by Amuro, sent to you
directly from White Base as a training tool. You lead a team of GM Snipers
and try to defeat the White Base trio (Gundam, GunCannon, and GunTank).
The Gundam is insanely fast and I have yet to defeat it. The GunCannon and
GunTank are defeatable, but usually at a cost (they coordinate their attacks
very well so it is impossible to get a lick in without major damage or
losing a teammate).

The disc also includes a CG art gallery and other features.


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