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> Now this is just cheesy....instead of making an entirely new "Battle Master"
> game featuring the GW characters, Bandai has just decided to release Battle
> master II over here but with Heero Yuy instead.

  Well, the Battlemaster game's aren't time line accurate anyway, as they
have mechs from different era's in UC, we all know there's some characters
that are much older then Camille in Z, I.E. Amuro and Char, to name a few.
So, this is not too bad.

  I think this is different then the upcoming Gundam Wing Battle Master, as
GW: Battle Master is supposed to be a entirely new game. Besides, I am glad
to finally see some U.S. Gundam games, there's hope for a U.S. release of
Giren's Greed

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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