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They actually don't look too bad. The best advice I can give is pracitce,
and paint! I don't particularly like the look of unpainted kits, but it
depends what you want. It takes practice to get good at it, but it's worth
the time (and the loss of many kits) IMO. And take your time. Don't rush
the kits. I notice that you've got tons of the things built, perhaps you're
rushing through them? I tend to finish one a month at the most, and that's
when I'm doing pretty simple stuff (but I do tend to go crazy with

Some of the photos look pretty cool, I like the Gundam Mk. II in the dark,
but he needs a background. :)

Peter Savin

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>Anybody have any thoughts on mine? I realize they're blurry as hell and my
>paint scheme kind of sucks....
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>>>I'm beginning to notice that quite a few of us are there, like Peter,
>>>James, Chris and I. So, anyone else from the list in thar? and my
>>>apologies if I didn't see...
>>I'm there too... but my Geara Doga pales in comparison to all your works.
>My apologies to you! I didn't see. and please, don't say that. everybody
>has their own thing. I mean, my stuff sucks donkeys because I have no time
>to putty, just doing a good job with the panel lines.
>not to mention getting high on Pylox Paint fumes -- which I've discovered
>is non-CFC, much to my environmentalist joy.
>If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a
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