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> Hello, every now and then when we're looking up famous places in
> Gundam that are on the Earth, -Z- comes up with city names and a
> location for them out of some electronic Atlas. I've been looking for
> one for my own projects as well.
> So what was the name of that software?
> I post this to the list in case anyone else was looking.

I use the Microsoft Encarta Virtual Globe 99, the single best geography package
I've even seen.

It's got an interactive globe that you can zoom in on interactive down to ten
miles per inch, with tools to measure distance between two points, display
running longitude and latitude coordinates, and a search feature that uses a
"soundex" algorith to return place names that match the search string
phonetically as well as literally.

Although it's available as a separate product, mine is part of a four CD set
called the Microsoft Encarta Reference Suite 99, which includes Microsoft
Bookshelf, Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe and the aforementioned Virtual Globe.
It's billed as "The World's Most Complete PC Reference Library" and, in my
experience, it lives up to the hype.

I got Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2000 bundled with the machine on which I'm
writing this, but the subset of Virtual Globe includes in it, while adequate for
most purposes, pales in comparison with the full-blown product. You want the
complete Encarta Virtual Globe -- accept nothing less!


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