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Subject: [gundam] False Rumors, and Proposals that never made it

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> Just wondering if anyone knows what false rumors there had been about
> the
> various Gundam series before they were released, or proposals that
> never
> made it. Here's the ones I know of:
> - Tomino wanted the RX-78 to be all white, but was vetoed by the
> sponsoring
> toy company.

The only almost-all white gundam I'm aware that was introduced was
VGundam and that was IIRC almost a century since the original RX-78 was

> - Carl Macek wanted to have _Gundam_ as part of _Robotech_

Gundam with protoculture anyone?

> - There was to be a Wing sequel series called Gundam Double Wing (may
> have
> become Endless Waltz)

IMO i'ts either Wing Gundam look very awkward by adding another set of
wings, or all the hero mech would be so powerful they can destroy a
colony by only using their vulcans 8>

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