Thu, 26 Oct 2000 20:12:46 EDT

  I received my Aura Battler in Action (ABiA) from HLJ and I must say, it's
by far the best of these figures so far, compared to the MSiA's.

  It's joints are perfect, no pop off at all, it can kneel very well and
seems to be very poseable. The three "talons" for it's feet, are each
poseable and seem to be ball jointed. I heard at ToyBox DX that it's floopy,
mine's not at all, has no problems standing at all.

  The opening cockpit is very nice, no pilot, but I could careless, as this
figure's basically perfect and a little pilot is just something else to get
lost. I worried that the opening canopy would be loose or floopy, but it's
not and will stay closed while posing/playing with it. The only way it opens,
is if you decide to open it.

  It cames with two open hands(left and right), but only a single weapon
gripping hand(right hand) and a single fist (left hand). Since all the
Dunbine has weapon's wise is a sword and a clip on arm gun. The swords
scabbard plugs into the right side of it's thruster pack. It doesn't fit on
tight, but stays put fairly well, it can fall off, but this is due more to
the scabbard getting in the way, then it not staying on good. It does stay
on, just has a slight chance of falling out from time to time.

  The paint and panel line job is well done, I do see a bit of messy lines on
the little pieces on it's shoulder, but it's only on one piece, on one
shoulder. I'd give it an A. If anyone has specific questions about this neat
little robot figure, please ask me and I will answer them.

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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