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Doesn't Mark also like both timelines?
As for Wing designs copying G designs, there are some similarities between
the God/Wing and Dragon/Shenlong/Altron, but I don't think they reused the
Despite some of the unoriginality-the character of Zechs for instance- I
kind of liked the storyline, although it got a little preachy at times.

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> It's not really that shallow :(
> Myself, I consider myself a fan of all Gundam, and that includes the
> much-maligned alternate universes. Although I prefer UC over all.

Then I guess it wouldn't be nice of me to say that Wing was
a sorry attempt at reusing the G-Gundam suit designs, and
the entire Char/Amuro UC storyline.

Just kidding, no flames... but they get more mileage out of
the molds that way.


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