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> Subject: [gundam] False Rumors, and Proposals that never made it
> Just wondering if anyone knows what false rumors there had been about the
> various Gundam series before they were released, or proposals that never
> made it. Here's the ones I know of:
> - There were plans for a _ZZZ Gundam_ series, which was also
> canned to make
> way for CCA

There were defintely plans for ZZZ Gundam but it was replaced by Dragonar
instead... I recall seeing some preliminary sketches of the ZZZ Gundam
(perhaps in an old Newtype Magazine) but I've never been able to find/see
that source art again. If someone has it...let me know! It was probably
cancelled due to poor ratings for ZZ? But I'm not too sure if CCA had
something to do with its cancellation.

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