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Just wondering if anyone knows what false rumors there had been about the
various Gundam series before they were released, or proposals that never
made it. Here's the ones I know of:

- Tomino wanted the RX-78 to be all white, but was vetoed by the sponsoring
toy company.

- Carl Macek wanted to have _Gundam_ as part of _Robotech_

- Fox wanted to put _Zeta Gundam_ on in the US during the 1980s

- Char was going to appear in ZZ, but this was cancelled when Tomino got
the go-ahead for CCA

- There were plans for a _ZZZ Gundam_ series, which was also canned to make
way for CCA

- Gundam Wing was going to be set in the One Year War (fans got it confused
with 08th MS Team)

- Gundam X was rumored to be a Wing sequel

- There was to be a Wing sequel series called Gundam Double Wing (may have
become Endless Waltz)
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