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Since F=ma, a = F/m. Mass is 86000 kg, F = T = 316000 kg...oh wait, Force
must have units of force, not mass. Here on Earth, we use kg as force but
its really a mass. So, is the thrust really 316000 Newtons, 316000kg*9.81
m/s^2 = 3099960 N or what?

The difference is either an acceleration of 3.67 m/s^2 (0.374 gs) or 36m/s^2

Neither of the above numbers is diddly twat for a military vehicle. You
probably pulled more gs last time you went to the county fair than this pig
could pull.

This is what happens when people who are primarily entertainers try to work
science into their shows....


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At 09:36 10/26/2000 -0700, Vince Leon wrote:
>So where does the Gabera Tetra (RX78 GP04) fit into this. Probe and I had
>theorized that the Gabera was to be some kind of Gundam interceptor due to
>the size of the thruster and the booster unit. I figure that if it really
>is an interceptor it would have to be as fast as the GP03

Well, the GT has a thrust of 216,000kg, which can be increased to
316,000kg with a booster, and a full weight of 73.2t, or 86t with the
booster. Hence, the T/W ratio will be 2.95 without the booster, or 3.67 with
the booster.

This makes it the MS with the highest thrust-to-weight ratio,
outperforming even the GP03S. Indirectly, this may mean that the GT has an
enormous acceleration from scratch -- sort of like comparing a F1 car to a
Volkswagon Beetle (which actually isn't too bad).

The question remains whether the pilot can take this kind of

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