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> It's not really that shallow :(
> Myself, I consider myself a fan of all Gundam, and that includes the
> much-maligned alternate universes. Although I prefer UC over all.

Heheh. I wonder why people don't just accept that the other side exists and
not bother arguing with them, 'cos it always ends up in flames.

Just keep repeating one of the following phrases to yourself, depending on
which side you're on:

a) 'I love Wing. A lot of other people hate it. I can live with that.'

b) 'I hate Wing. A lot of other people love it. I can live with that.'

(Or, in my case: 'I love X. Everyone else hates it.' =P)

Of course, there's always some people who *can't* live with that, and that's
just so sad. ^_~

- dom

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