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I appreciate your anal-retentiveness;)

Are you going to paint the entire model, or just match the color of the
Bandai plastic?

If you are going to paint the entire model, I wouldn't get too hung up on
the "official" color scheme. What makes you think the folks at Bandai can
guess an animated color better than you? Put another way, the color of an
animated object depends on so many variables that it is impossible to define
a specific "correct" color. In 08 MST, for example, the R-79(G) is either
white, light beige or aircraft grey depending upon the episode (and this is
nder simlar lighting conditions). No matter how you slice it, the
Deathsycthe Hell is basically all black--not the multiple blue-black tones
that Bandai shows in the instructions for the arms and torso.

In addition, you can't animate metallic colors--are the V fins in MSG yellow
or gold? What about in Wing? And are the animated grey weapons (such as
the Altron trident or Deathscythe scythe) actually grey, or should they be

The main suggestion I would make is just match the scheme. If you are doing
a muted, gritty mech scheme, then don't mix bright tones with muted (usually
daker) tones. An Rx-78 looks right with bright show colors; a RX-79(G)
would look silly in the brightest colors.

Paint markers--paint markers are the model equivalent of painting a Porsche
with a bush. The only Gundam markers that are going to give you excellent
results are the super fine panel line markers (I use Micron Pigma 005 pens
and drafting pencils depending on how obnoxious the lines need to be). if
you want decent paint results you should probably get comfortable with
spraycans or an airbrush--hand brushing is very difficult to do and have it
look good.

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Subject: [gundam] Painting the light fantastic :)

Okay now that I have the kits what do I use to paint them in the
proper gundam colors?

Can anyone send me to a site that has the proper colors for a
resonable price or tell me if there is any paint in the states that has
the appropriate colors?

Also what are these Gundam markers that I have been seeing? Are
they any good?

Thanks in advance


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