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I think there were more than 2. 2 of which were shot down in mid-air and one was
"sniped" by Kampfer's rocket (it was standing near a bridge).
That's just from the top of my head...... I don't like GMs getting butt kicked,
so I try to forget scenes like these :-)

James Gority wrote:

> At 01:36 AM 10/27/2000 +0800, you wrote:
> >"only a handful of the new RGM-79SP GM Sniper II would be seen in the last
> >few days of the war, some assigned aboard the assault carrier Grey Phantom
> >(both of which were destroyed during a battle insde the Side 6 Libot
> >Colony)"
> >
> >Quoted from the Mecha Domain.
> >Was the Grey Phantom destroyed by Kampfer??
> >
> Nope, the Grey Phantom was not, the "both" in question refers to both of
> the RGM-79SP GM Sniper II's, as there were 2 of them stationed on board
> along with a RX-77D Guncannon (Mass Production Type), forming "Scarlet Team".
> Jim G.
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