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I think the GSs' 70+ tons came from the extra fuel. These GSs are meant to
replace the older GMs, not the SPs. They must have designed the GSs so that
they can last longer in combat while the SPs have a more special role. I am
sure they don't go into combat fully fuelled everytime (say the defensive battle
in 0080).

The Ds are the predecessor to the Rs (same backpacks). The Qs might not be
produced in such a large number while the Rs are.

How come the Nemos' main thruster have a lower value than the SPs when they have
exactly the same backpack?

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Lim Jyue wrote:

> At 13:25 10/26/2000 -0400, Paul Fields wrote:
> >The RGM-79e probably is closer to the RGM-79Gs Space Combat
> Well, I quoted C-type because the GS's T/W is really just a small
> increment over the original RGM-79. The E-type is really an unknown, but I
> reason it should be a bit better than the GS, simply because the two design
> are relatively similar. The GS is really heavy, 70+ tons fully kitted out.
> >Use GM, since the E type was only used in space... However you'll
> >have to adjust for the fact the G-Space is a 0080 machine with higher
> >than normal thrust.
> The problem with this idea is that only the dry weight of the E-type
> is known -- we'll jus tbe guessing unless somebody else has a clearer idea.
> I've been to both Burke's and Mark's and came up dry. Any ideas?
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