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Ok, I'm new to the list, and I was a big Gundam Wing fan for a while. But
now, I need to know. Is it just me, or does Gundam Wing actually kinda
suck? I mean, all the other series (except maybe 0083) were really
good... Then this comes along, gets hideously popular, and takes all
attention from the GOOD series. This is bullcrap. The characters are all
pretty boys, the action is lame, and the same thing seems to happen in
every battle

Gundams kill stuff
Gundams almost get slightly hurt
Something keeps them from getting hurt
They kill more stuff
Heero thinks he needs to use the self detonate
But he doesn't
All enemies die and they go to get repairs

And what ever happened to having one Gundam? Now, they have to have a
whole bunch of em? It was much better when there was 1 or 2 Gundams, and
they were just decent mobile suits. The Gundams in Gundam Wing are
utterly invincible, and nothing can stop them. That's pretty lame. How
could 5 mobile suits take on an ENTIRE ARMY OF MOBILE DOLLS. Gimme a
break. anyone else think the same way I do?

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