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At 13:25 10/26/2000 -0400, Paul Fields wrote:
>The RGM-79e probably is closer to the RGM-79Gs Space Combat

        Well, I quoted C-type because the GS's T/W is really just a small
increment over the original RGM-79. The E-type is really an unknown, but I
reason it should be a bit better than the GS, simply because the two design
are relatively similar. The GS is really heavy, 70+ tons fully kitted out.

>Use GM, since the E type was only used in space... However you'll
>have to adjust for the fact the G-Space is a 0080 machine with higher
>than normal thrust.

        The problem with this idea is that only the dry weight of the E-type
is known -- we'll jus tbe guessing unless somebody else has a clearer idea.
I've been to both Burke's and Mark's and came up dry. Any ideas?

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