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At 09:36 10/26/2000 -0700, Vince Leon wrote:
>So where does the Gabera Tetra (RX78 GP04) fit into this. Probe and I had
>theorized that the Gabera was to be some kind of Gundam interceptor due to
>the size of the thruster and the booster unit. I figure that if it really
>is an interceptor it would have to be as fast as the GP03

        Well, the GT has a thrust of 216,000kg, which can be increased to
316,000kg with a booster, and a full weight of 73.2t, or 86t with the
booster. Hence, the T/W ratio will be 2.95 without the booster, or 3.67 with
the booster.

        This makes it the MS with the highest thrust-to-weight ratio,
outperforming even the GP03S. Indirectly, this may mean that the GT has an
enormous acceleration from scratch -- sort of like comparing a F1 car to a
Volkswagon Beetle (which actually isn't too bad).

        The question remains whether the pilot can take this kind of

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