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Anybody have any thoughts on mine? I realize they're blurry as hell and my
paint scheme kind of sucks....

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>>I'm beginning to notice that quite a few of us are there, like Peter,
>>James, Chris and I. So, anyone else from the list in thar? and my
>>apologies if I didn't see...
>I'm there too... but my Geara Doga pales in comparison to all your works.

My apologies to you! I didn't see. and please, don't say that. everybody
has their own thing. I mean, my stuff sucks donkeys because I have no time
to putty, just doing a good job with the panel lines.

not to mention getting high on Pylox Paint fumes -- which I've discovered
is non-CFC, much to my environmentalist joy.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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