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> Actually, I believe the military didn't really know what it is
> until
> Doctor Mikamura "points it out" to them. Yes, he's really jealous of
> Dr.
> Kasshu, since the MS Dr. Kasshu produce didn't have the "flaw" that
> Dr.
> Mikamura's ones have (both Shining Gundam and God Gundam require
> extreme
> emotions to power both MS to Super/Hyper mode, which mean that the MS
> cannot
> perform at its peak most of the time {since I think pilots cannot
> stay at an
> extreme emotion for so long}).

just pointing out.
all the mechs used in GGundam were not termed as MS but as MF (mobile
fighters) and were controlled via mobile trace system. however i can't
recall wether the MTS was present in the DG.

> Actually, it's more like Domon explaining how come he treat her
> like
> that during the series and then explain how he loved her. A rare
> sight in a
> Gundam series indeed...
> And the move is actually Seikiha Love Love Tenkyou ken...

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