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> originally, the Devil Gundam wasn't named so...and it's main use was
supposedly to "help the Earth recover" and that's why the Gundam was
equipped with self-healing, self-reproduction, and yes, even evolution if
deemed needed. However, the military (esp. Urube), after seeing what the
Gundam could do, decided to use

    Actually, I believe the military didn't really know what it is until
Doctor Mikamura "points it out" to them. Yes, he's really jealous of Dr.
Kasshu, since the MS Dr. Kasshu produce didn't have the "flaw" that Dr.
Mikamura's ones have (both Shining Gundam and God Gundam require extreme
emotions to power both MS to Super/Hyper mode, which mean that the MS cannot
perform at its peak most of the time {since I think pilots cannot stay at an
extreme emotion for so long}).

> or. When Ryoji and the Gundam landed on Earth, he dicovered that the
Gundam's controlling AI was damaged/corrupted, probably during the re-entry,
and thus the Devil Gundam was born. Ryoji was then assimilated by the Devil
Gundam. IIRC the Devil Gundam came into Neo Hong Kong's posession after
Domon (using the Shining Gundam, with Schwartz Bruder's help) defeated
Master Asia, and Neo Hong Kong took the Devil Gundam after Domon left the
area. Neo Hong Kong (esp. Wong, its president) researched the Devil Gundam
and later on they came up with the perfect combination for the Devil Gundam:
make it assimilate a human being capable of reproduction (why...I dunno
though, they didn't explain that too), hence assimilate a reproductively
healthy female. Although Allenby was being considered at that time, as fate
would have it the Devil Gundam would assimilate Rain Mikamura, thanks to
Urube, and to the horror of Dr. Mikamura. The Gundam Fighters of Neo Italy,
Neo Greece, Neo England,!

    I thought the reason is because if the pilot is a female, it would be
easier to "control" and it wouldn't be as violent...

> Neo Egypt and Neo Turykey were also infected with the DG Cell. Domon (in
the God Gundam) defeats both the Devil Gundam (killing/releasing Ryoji in
the process) and Master Asia in the Championship battle of the 13th Gundam
Fight. Since Domon won, Neo Japan now controls Earth, and the first thing
the Neo Japan's military did was to haul the damaged Devil Gundam back to
Neo Japan, under the pretense of fixing it, all the while Urube, who had
learnt of that perfect combination that Wong discovered, would carry out
that combination. Incidentally, since Rain at that time was in a bit of a
quarrel with Domon, she went with the ship carrying the Devil Gundam, her
father, and Urube. Then Urube gave an unconscious Rain for the Devil Gundam
to assimilate, after a scuffle that left Dr. Mikamura mortally wounded.
After Rain was assimilated, the Devil Gundam was back to new, and went on to
start assimilating Neo Japan and Earth, and slagging anything that went in
its way. Back on Ear!

    Actually, Rain left Domon because she felt responsible for what happen
to Domon - his father is frozen, his mother and older brother dead all
because of her father's jealousy, and she also play a part in hiding the
truth from Domon, not to mention do whatever necessary to help Domon win the
Gundam Fight. Not only that, with Allenby recovering, Rain felt that Domon
wouldn't really miss her that much, since she know how Allenby loves Domon
(I believe she felt that Allenby and Domon are more "compatible" than
herself and Domon).

> th, Domon (without knowing the situation at Neo Japan until Dr. Mikamura
sends out an SOS) is pressured by friends to go after Rain, and he does with
his God Gundam inside the dropship. Wong tries to prevent Domon from doing
so, but Fuunsaiki (did I spell right? - anyway, the horse that Master Asia
uses) did Wong

    The horse was a gift when Master Asia won the last Gundam Fight.

>in, and Domon, now riding the horse, goes to Neo Japan. A mortally wounded
Dr. Mikamura escapes Urube and sends out an SOS to Domon (when he was still
back on Earth), adding one more reason to go back ASAP to Neo Japan, and
then Dr. Mikamura releases Dr. Kasshu (in his stasis cell), so that Domon's
friends can pick up and revive his father. A battle ensues in space and
especially in Neo Japan, where the new Shuffle Union defeats a DG
Cell-infected Urube. Domon then proceeds to attempt to free Rain and
destroy the Devil Gundam, with no success at all. After Dr. Kasshu
discovers that Domon had been, for lack of a better word, insensitive with
Rain, he tells Domon !

    Actually, he just explain that the Devil Gundam is behaving according to
Rain's subconscience - she is still trying to stay away from Domon since she
still felt guilty and believe Domon can live just fine without her.

> to tell Rain what he (Domon) feels about Rain. Allenby also helps
("Newtype" projection perhaps?) in convincing Domon. Domon then does what
he should (finally!!!) and tells Rain that he loves her. That broke the
assimilation of the Devil Gundam to Rain, and it ejects Rain off into Domon,
who catches her (one of my favorite scenes in G Gundam - Rain is HOT HOT HOT
HOT HOT with that red getup), and afterwards they destroy the Devil Gundam
with the SeikhaTenkyouKen (again, did I spell right?). The Devil Gundam is
now dead, and everything is now back to normal, or as normal as things can

    Actually, it's more like Domon explaining how come he treat her like
that during the series and then explain how he loved her. A rare sight in a
Gundam series indeed...

    And the move is actually Seikiha Love Love Tenkyou ken...

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