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>I have both the MG and HGUC GP01. I have to say that they are both very
>nice, as they are targeting two different types of modelers. IMO, the MG
>GP01 is for those veterant modelers who use glue and know how to modify kits
>to make them durable and look good at the same time. On the other hand, the
>HGUC GP01 looks good and is easy to build. The proportion on the MG is a bit
>more slender than the HGUC version. One more thing, if you are going to get
>the MG, you will definitely have to paint it.
>As for the Bawoo, I got to get one soon!

Really? I guess the GP01Fb is a cut above the GP01...I nearly didn't have
to paint it, but my modeler's insitincts told me it would look better if I
did. Thank God I listened.

As for the HGUC, it's what the MSIA's would be if they were really high

AND the Bawoo? YEESH! It is a definite high-water mark for the whole
line. The articulation it has, specially due to the old-style hip/leg
joints, are simply incredible. Of course, it has no waist, but
then...ehehehehe. getting ahead of myself. Just check out Newtype Asylum
when the review comes out!

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