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        Hi all, Hi all. =)

        I've been eyeing the GM stats lately, being a GM fan. And being a
0080 fan, I'm sort of disappointed that the 0080 MSes on the whole are
generally regarded as overpowered.

        I took a closer look at the stats, and noticed that most of the GMs
that had a noticable increase in thrust had a large increase in mass too.
That led me to derive the MSes thrust-to-weight (T/W) ratio for GMs in the
RGM-79 line.

        T/W, IMO, is a better indication of an MS's capability, since thrust
alone doesn't say very much. You can have a high-thrust unit, but with a
large mass, the suit won't be accelerating very fast. =)

        Surprise, surprise; most of the 0080 GMs are actually pretty good
matches in that department, as seen below:

        Type Period Weight Thrust Thrust/ Notes:
                                (ton) (kg) Weight

        RGM-79 OYW 58.8 55,500 0.94
        RGM-79SC OYW 75.3 68,000 0.90
        RGM-79D 0080 58.7 60,000 1.02
        RGM-79G 0080 56.4 67,000 1.19 Weight from Burke's
        RGM-79GS 0080 76.5 74,000 0.97
        RGM-79-SP 0080 61.0 102,000 1.67
        RGM-79(G) 08MST 66.0 49,000 0.74 Land use
        RGM-79 0083 58.8 71,480 1.22 Powered GM
        RGM-79C 0083 58.8 57,480 0.98
        RGM-79N 0083 57.6 67,480 1.17
        RGM-79Q 0083 56.3 61,480 1.09 Weight from Burke's
        RGM-79R Z 58.7 62,000 1.06

        RGM-79E was not included as I couldn't find any worthwhile stats for
that GM. Anyone has any ideas?

        Now, when we look at the T/W ratio of the GMs I have here, you'll
notice that with 4 exceptions, the GMs all fit pretty nicely into a range
bracket from 0.90 to 1.20.

        When I disregard land-use and colony-interior use GMs (79D, 79[G]
and 79G respectively; 79Q?), which isn't really good for comparison anyway,
since their combat environment's really different from the rest, all but 2
of the GMs fall into a similar catergory, with a gradual increase in the
ratio until we hit 79N... which was a 0083 MS. =)

        The exceptions to this is the 79-SP and the 79 Powered GM.. both of
which are special GMs. One is a very-limited production model, while the
other is a GM designed to test a new booster unit. Both models were so tiny
in numbers that they can be regarded as experimental models, with
accompanying higher stats.

        (Oh, yes, incidentally: the Powered GM's stats given in Gundam
Mechanics appear to be wrong -- it was the same as the 79C, which was very
suspect. I checked with MSV, and used the MSV's version instead.)

        The point of this? Well, if the values hold up for the rest of the
0080 MSes, then we can readmit the poor 0080 MSes back to the mainstream UC
MS. Yes, the thrust ratings given for 0080 MSes are very high compared to
the older 0079 and Zeta MSes, but if the mass increase is proportional,
there really isn't much of a performance increase.

        Just for kicks, I did the same for the Gundams, up to CCA. The
following table has the values.

        Type Period Weight Thrust Thrust/ Notes:
                                (ton) (kg) Weight

        RX-78-2 OYW 60.0 55,500 0.93
        RX-79(G) 08MST 73.0 52,000 0.71 Land use
        RX-79(G)Ez-8 08MST 71.3 52,000 0.73 Land use
        RX-78NT1 0080 72.5 132,000 1.82
        RX-78NT1-FA 0080 95.0 146,000 1.54
        RX78-GP01 0083 65.0 108,000 1.66
        RX-78GP01Fb 0083 74.0 144,000 1.95
        RX-78GP02A 0083 83.0 155,200 1.87
        RX-78GP03S 0083 70.0 188,000 2.69
        RX-78GP03 0083 453.1 265,000 0.58
        RX-178 Z 54.1 81,200 1.50 Mk. II
        MSZ-006 Z 62.3 112,600 1.81 Zeta
        MSZ-010 ZZ 68.4 101,000 1.48 Double Zeta
        RX-93 CCA 63.0 97,800 1.55 Nu Gundam

        All the Gundams are very high-performance machines, as benefiting
the title MS of the series. However, what is surprising is that the original
RX-78 actually has a T/W lower than a GM -- which implies a GM could have
out-ran a Gundam!

        Surprising thing -- Ez8 is actually lighter than a standard 79(G). I
wonder why?

        The NT1 without the armour was a surprise too -- T/W higher even
than Zeta! -- and compares very favourably up to and including the Nu.
Seriously wondering how it would have fared if Amuro gotten his mitts on
this one. =)

        Moving on.. The GP01Fb has a tremedous T/W, but the shocker is that
the GP03S has such an enormous T/W. What is that thing built to do?

        However, the complete GP03 had a terrible T/W -- completely counter
to what we see in 0083. The GP03D shouldn't have been able to accelerate and
decelerate the way it did in the show -- Kou's cheating again!

        Come to think of it.. didn't a T/W ratio of greater than 1 means
that the MS is capable of hovering in mid-air as long as the fuel lasts?
Which means most Gundams could hover in gravity, while the GMs could only jump.

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