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> Helping to put a suit datafile site together, and I'm wondering what
> series
> the Devil Gundam comes from.

I'm not really sure with the detail but here goes:

The Devil Gundam came from the GGundam Series with a nationality of Neo-
Japan. Developed by Domon's father, the Devil Gundam was capable of
selfrepairing, selfreproduction, and probably evolution. It was also
capable of assimilating living organisms where the victims usually
became violent (the lab rats,), among those who were infected were the
fighters of NeoTurkey, NeoEgypt, NeoEngland or was it Brit(Gentle
Chapman), NeoItaly (Mikairo Chariot), NeoGreece, and later Urpe was
also revealed to be infected. It was piloted by Koji Kasshu(Domon's
elder brother) and later by Rain Mikamura(Domon's fiancee). It was
destroyed by God Gundam's SekihatenkouKen with help from Rain.

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