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I am very interested trying get rest of Gundam Z sub and I also know that Artic
Has Already sub whole run of Gundam ZZ

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> Just for fun. I have the whole series. Some Fansub, some original japanese.
> If interested let me know.
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> Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Series Information. Info gathered from Various web
> sites.
> Episode Summaries
> Episode 1: "Black Gundam"
> Quattro Baijina and two AEUG subordinates infiltrate Green Noah 1 (Side 7)
> to confirm Quattro's suspicion that the EUG is doing military R&D there. He
> discovers three Gundam Mark-II (RX-178 prototypes of a new line of Mobile
> Suit. At this time he is discovered by a military patrol and must make a
> quick escape.
> On the other side of Green Noah 1, 17-year-old mechanical genius Camille
> Vidan gets into an altercation with some jock schoolmates, partly his own
> fault. His girlfriend Fa Yuri runs after him and together they go to the
> spaceport for some sightseeing.
> At the spaceport, Camille has a powerful Newtype psychic reaction at the
> sight of Titan pilot Jared Mesa. When Jared makes fun of Camille's feminine
> name, Camille attacks him. The military police intervene and drag the
> soundly beaten Camille off for interrogation.
> The police chief is harsh and unsympathetic -- Camille has a "history of
> antisocial behavior totally inappropriate to one of his obvious talent as
> the colony's Junior Mobile Suit champion" -- and summons Hilda Vidan to the
> police station to take charge of her son.
> Meanwhile, Jared takes off in Mark-II 01 to intercept the AEUGO spies before
> they can escape. Quattro takes him on in mid-air -- jetpack and handgun
> against Mobile Suit -- and tricks him into landing on the nearby artificial
> mountainside. Quattro escapes during the ensuing landslide that sends Jared
> crashing into the police station. Camille escapes in the confusion, just
> missing his mother, as AEUG's White Base-type battleship Ahgama receives
> Quattro's signal to fire on Green Noah 1.
> Episode 2: "Departure"
> The Ahgama's Mega Particle Cannon blows a hole in the side of Green Noah 1,
> allowing Quattro's confederates to pilot a pair of Rick Dias (RMS-099)
> Mobile Suits into the colony in an attempt to capture a Gundam Mark-II. A
> squad of general-purpose GM-II (RGM-79R) Mobile Suits intercepts them. Jared
> has shut down his Mark-II 01 and witnesses a battle between the Rick Dias
> and GM-IIs as he dismounts.
> Meanwhile, Camille has made his way to the R&D station, where he boards
> Mark-II 03. He is spotted by Emma Sheen, 03's Titan pilot, who tries to stop
> him.
> Bright Noah also sees Camille and recognizes him as the son of the "Black
> Gundam" project chief engineer Franklin Vidan. He is reminded of the
> original Gundam (RX-78) pilot Amuro Rei, who often worked in and around his
> father's Mobile Suit projects, and does nothing to stop the boy.
> Camille surprises everyone by attacking and disabling the remaining Mark-II
> 02. (His father is the chief engineer in charge of the modification, which
> his mother designed, and he knows more than he should about the new Mobile
> Suits.)
> Quattro, back in his own "Red Comet" Rick Dias, offers to cease fire in
> return for safe passage with the damaged Mark-II 02 -- the EUG forces are
> outclassed and further hostilities will only destroy more of the civilian
> community. Bright Noah agrees and Camille, fed up with Titan rule, follows
> the AEUGO Mobile Suits in the Mark-II 03.
> Camille is disturbed when he sees that Fa's house has been leveled by the
> conflict, but is relieved when he catches sight of her fleeing from the
> wreckage.
> Back at the R&D station, Bright Noah is brutally beaten for his failure to
> protect the Mark-II prototypes by Titan commander Basque Ohm's staff while
> Emma Sheen looks on, disturbed by the violence of her fellow Titans.
> As Camille follows the AEUGO Mobile Suits toward the Ahgama, he begins to
> feel his Newtype power awaken within him.
> Episode 3: "Within The Capsule"
> Aboard the Ahgama, Captain Henken Beckner interviews Camille and AEUGO
> founder Blex Forra. They are delighted to learn that he is the son of the
> designers of Gundam Mark-II.
> The Titans are also aware of the possible consequences of Camille's
> defection and take immediate action to rectify the situation. Layla Myra
> Layla, a veteran mercenary pilot from the semiautonomous Granada Moon Base,
> is sent to intercept and destroy the Ahgama. Layla launches her red
> Galbaldy-Beta (RMS-117) from the Granada battleship Bosnia to attack
> Quattro's "Red Comet" Rick Dias.
> The battle ends in a draw when a truce is called between the two forces.
> Emma Sheen comes aboard the Ahgama to hand-deliver Basque's message to the
> AEUGO crew. She is horrified when she hears the terms of her Titan masters:
> return Camille and the stolen Mark-IIs or his parents will be executed!
> Camille overhears these demands and takes off in Mark-II 03 to rescue his
> mother, who is imprisoned in a life-support capsule midway between the Titan
> battleship Alexandria and the Ahgama -- but Jared is there in a Hizack
> (RMS-106) to prevent that very thing.
> The Titan trap backfires disastrously, however, when the shot meant to
> disable Camille's Mark-II 03 destroys the capsule instead. Camille goes
> berserk as he witnesses his mother's death in the vacuum of space.
> Episode 4: "Runaway Emma"
> Camille shoots wildly at Jared's Hizack, then closes in and tries to beat it
> to pieces with the Mark-II 03's "bare" hands. Quattro and Emma try to stop
> him, but Layla attacks and drives them off. Camille is captured and Quattro
> calls a cease-fire, regrouping his forces to fight another day.
> Franklin has the freedom of the ship aboard Alexandria, albeit under armed
> escort. On his way to confinement, Camille accuses him of contriving his
> mother's death -- he knows all about his father's mistress Margarita.
> Camille is then accosted by Jared, who mocks him for his unmanly attachment
> to his mother. Emma Sheen intervenes, but the damage is done -- Camille
> silently swears bloody vengeance.
> Basque's hostage operation convinces Emma that she's been fighting for the
> wrong side. She frees Franklin and Camille from the brig and engineers an
> escape from the Alexandria with all three Mark-II prototypes. Layla tries to
> stop them in her Galbaldy-Beta, but is forced to retreat by Quattro's Rick
> Dias.
> Episode 5: "Father & Son & ?"
> The captured Mark-II 02 and 03 are partly dismantled for repairs. Franklin
> offers a few suggestions, and then grabs a laser torch and forces one of the
> workers to get him into Quattro's Rick Dias. He escapes from the Ahgama,
> hoping both to redeem himself in the eyes of the EUG and earn a great reward
> for himself and his mistress with the capture of a piece of AEUG's best
> military hardware.
> Quattro gives chase in the Mark-II 01, followed closely by Camille in the
> one-armed Mark-II 03 -- its left arm is still being repaired.
> The Mark-IIs and Rick Dias are attacked by the Alexandria, which is unaware
> of Franklin's escape. Quattro's Mark-II 01 is disabled as Camille arrives on
> the scene. Camille gets the drop on his father's Rick Dias, but is unwilling
> to shoot him. Franklin doesn't share his son's reservations and empties his
> magazines in a vain attempt to hit Camille's wildly dodging Mark-II.
> A shot from the Alexandria settles the matter, blowing a hole through the
> Rick Dias, which explodes just as Franklin is bailing out. Camille has lost
> both his parents to Titan ruthless, watching them die just a few feet away,
> unable to save them.
> Back on the Ahgama, Quattro tries to console Camille by telling him about
> Char Aznable, who acted entirely on his own and kept his feelings to himself
> until he'd avenged the deaths of his parents. Camille is unconvinced, but
> Emma Sheen and Reccoa Londo notice the change in Quattro's character.
> Episode 6: "To The Earth Sphere"
> Titan supreme commander Hyman Jamitov and Basque Ohm try to determine the
> Ahgama's next target, which appears to be a Solar Battery Satellite.
> Camille begins designing the Z-Gundam (MSZ-006).
> Layla and Jared have an argument over their relative status, but Jared gives
> in and tries to make amends before she goes off on her next mission.
> As the Ahgama prepares to drop Reccoa into South America to spy on the Titan
> HQ in Jabrow, Quattro and Camille make a diversionary attack on a Solar
> Battery Satellite, the expected target, to cover her descent.
> Looking up at the night sky from his home in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Amuro Rei
> witnesses the battle as meteoric lights in the sky.
> Episode 7: "Escape At Side One"
> The AEUGO leadership approves Camille's enlistment as a regular soldier.
> Camille isn't sure he wants it, but accepts in order to continue piloting
> the Mark-II 03. He's concerned about his ability to control his latent
> Newtype powers.
> The Ahgama docks at Bunch 30 in Side 1 so that Camille and Emma can witness
> first-hand Basque's atrocity: three million inhabitants were killed with G-3
> nerve gas to suppress anti-EUG activity there. Bunch 30 is now a cosmic
> ghost town.
> The Bosnia arrives and Layla leads her commando team into Bunch 30 to size
> up the opposition. Overhearing the AEUGO explanation of the Bunch 30
> Incident, she confronts the group with the Titan version -- AEUGO
> rabble-rousers fomented a rebellion.
> Hostilities escalate and move outside, where Layla's Galbaldy-Beta is soon
> locked in mortal combat with Camille's Mark-II. The battle triggers
> Camille's Newtype powers and he kills Layla with a shot right through the
> cockpit. As she dies, Layla perceives the truth and projects her regret that
> there is no resolution to the conflict between Earth and its space colonies.
> Jared is devastated by Layla's death and calls off the attack. He swears
> vengeance against the pilot of the Mark-II, fulfilling Camille's vision of
> an endless cycle of violence and enmity between the two.
> Camille is confirmed as an AEUGO soldier/pilot and, having witnessed the
> devastation of Bunch 30, has no regrets over Layla's death.
> Episode 8: "Dark Side Of The Moon"
> As the Ahgama approaches the Moon, Emma is also confirmed as an AEUGO
> regular soldier.
> Jared assumes command of Layla's Galbaldy-Beta and, under the pretext of a
> post-repair test flight, sets out to ambush the Ahgama.
> Quattro spies on Emma and Camille over the command video circuit and
> overhears Camille express his belief that Quattro is really Char Aznable.
> The conversation is interrupted by Jared's attack.
> Camille goes out to defend the Ahgama in the Mark-II 03 with Quattro backing
> him up in the Mark-II 01. Camille is taken aback by the fighting style of
> the Galbaldy-Beta -- Jared was trained by Layla and uses many of her
> techniques. The battle moves to the Moon's surface, with Camille entirely on
> the defensive against a maddened Jared.
> The Ahgama makes it safely to the far side of the Moon and, as it docks
> safely at Ammon spaceport, Quattro joins the battle and drives Jared off
> just as he is about to finish Camille.
> Later, Quattro visits AEUGO financier Won Lee in Ammon City and together
> they decide on the next target: Titan HQ base at Jabrow.
> Meanwhile, Camille and Emma are en route to the "space junkyard" at Erica
> when they're attacked by a Titan patrol led by Corcoran Cocker. During the
> ensuing skirmish, Camille trips over the remains of Haro, the robot Amuro
> Rei built for Fra Bow during the One Year War. On impulse, he takes it with
> him when they escape.
> Episode 9: "New Bonds"
> Reccoa is captured just after landing in the Amazon. She is rescued by Kai
> Shiden, who piloted the Guncannon (RX-77) during the One Year War, but is
> now a war correspondent working with AUEGO. Kei tells Reccoa that the Titans
> are moving their HQ out of Jabrow and together they plot to capture a base
> radio station and transmit this information to the Ahgama.
> Camille is spending most of his spare time fixing Haro, so much so that he's
> late for a command staff meeting. Won Lee is outraged by Camille's tardiness
> and backtalk and "disciplines" the boy by beating him up.
> Camille recovers in the men's locker room where Quattro, Appori and Roberto
> are getting ready to test the new Anaheim Electronics Type-100 (MSN-100).
> Quattro is planning a raid on Granada to capture supplies and the New
> Salamis-type battleship being built there. Camille joins him in the Mark-II
> 03.
> Aboard the Alexandria, Basque's personal aide Jamaican Daningan is also
> inspecting the new Marasai (RMS-108), which are also built by Anaheim
> Electronics.
> Corcoran spots the AEUGO Mobile Suits on the lunar surface while monitoring
> Ammon and orders an attack on the Ahgama with a squad of Hizacks. Emma goes
> out in the Rick Dias to defend the Ahgama.
> Quattro and Camille take control of Grenada in a quick battle. Camille's
> Newtype powers alert him to Emma's predicament. He returns to Ammon just in
> time to save Emma and turn the tide of battle against the Titans.
> Reccoa and Kai infiltrate the Titan HQ in Jabrow.
> Episode 10: "Reunion"
> AEUGO learns what is happening in Jabrow and speeds up its attack
> preparations. Camille continues to work on his Z-Gundam design, suggesting
> it be made transformable for atmospheric travel.
> The Alexandria launches a multiple missile attack, but Camille's quick
> reaction saves Ammon from destruction.
> Jared and Corcoran head an assault in the Marasais. The Ahgama and captured
> Irish-class battleship Radish launch during the attack, giving Camille a bad
> moment as he tries to defend Ammon and the escaping battleships. He
> reluctantly abandons Ammon to protect the Ahgama.
> [NOTE: There is some disagreement over whether the name of the battleship is
> "Daikon" (Radish) or "Daikun" (after Char Aznable's father, Zion Zum
> Daikun). The majority view is Radish, so that convention is used here.]
> <Archiver's note: The ship's name is indeed Radish>
> Safely in space, the Ahgama approaches the space shuttle Temptation,
> commanded by Bright Noah. A new variable Mobile Armor, the Messala
> (PMX-000), comes at them at high speed. Quattro and Camille go out to
> intercept it and Quattro fires on it with a Mega Bazooka, but the Messala is
> too fast for him and gets away.
> Camille has a Newtype reaction to Messala pilot Paptimus Scirocco during
> this encounter.
> The refugees from the Temptation are welcomed aboard the Ahgama. Among them
> is Fa, whose parents were arrested by the Titans after Camille's escape from
> Side 7.
> Episode 11: "Plunge Into Atmosphere"
> Bright Noah, who commanded White Base during the One Year War, is appointed
> Captain of the Ahgama for the invasion of Jabrow.
> Paptimus Scirocco, pilot of the Messala, leads a surprise counterattack.
> Emma turns back to defend the Ahgama. The increased mobility of the booster
> packs developed for the Mark-II helps Emma's Rick Dias repel the assault
> force.
> Scirocco is not used to fighting this deep in the gravity well and is forced
> to pull out, but the Alexandria launches reinforcements.
> Emma's Rick Dias is damaged enough to prevent safe re-entry, so she reboards
> the Ahgama while the rest of the AEUGO Mobile Suits begin their atmospheric
> descent.
> Corcoran pursues the AEUGO force in his Marasai, but a ballute failure sends
> him plummeting out of control to a fiery death.
> <Archiver's note: I thought Camille shot his ballute, since Kakricon
> (Corcoran?) descended too low, and his ballute opened because of safety,
> little too close to Mark-II, instead of ballute failure?>
> Episode 12: "Winds Of Jabrow"
> The Titans are waiting for the AEUGO invaders and the two forces meet
> head-on in the sky and jungle around Jabrow. The inhabitants of the area
> feel betrayed by the EUG, which has let them be caught in the middle rather
> than compromise the trap, and greet the AEUGO forces as liberators.
> The EUG has already moved most of its major equipment out of Jabrow and set
> a nuclear time bomb in the central core. Camille's Mark-II defeats Jared's
> Marasai and, alerted by a Newtype premonition, he rescues Reccoa and Kai.
> The inhabitants of Jabrow are packed into a Garuda giant transport plane,
> which takes off under fire from Titan ground forces ringing the area. The
> Garuda gets clear just as the entire Jabrow complex goes up in a nuclear
> fireball. It is joined in flight by the Audomura, which is flown by Hyato
> Kobayashi, former pilot of the Guntank (RX-75) during the One Year War.
> Episode 13: "Shuttle Launch"
> Amuro Rei is under house arrest at a great mansion in Cheyenne, Wyoming,
> when he is visited by former White Base crewmember Frau Bau -- now married
> to Hyato Kobayashi -- who is on her way to Japan with her adopted children
> Katsu, Retsu and Kicka. Katsu is contemptuous of Amuro's pacifist refusal to
> take part in EUG space operations.
> Quattro and Hyato prepare to transport the AEUGO forces back to the Ahgama
> from Kennedy Space Center. Kai leaves a note for Hyato stating his certainty
> that Quattro is really Char Aznable. When Hyato confronts Quattro with the
> note, he denies it. Camille challenges the denial, but Quattro calmly
> replies "I am Quattro NOW."
> Appori commands one of the shuttles. Just before launch, Braun Burtark
> attacks the Space Center in the Titan variable Mobile Armor Asshimar
> (NRX-004), destroying one shuttle. The AEUGO forces counterattack, but
> Roberto's Rick Dias takes a fatal hit defending Appori's shuttle from
> Braun's last-ditch assault. The Asshimar breaks off the attack and retreats
> as Appori's shuttle lifts off.
> Episode 14: "Amuro Again"
> Still under surveillance, Amuro goes to the airport to see the Kobayashis
> off. He and and Katsu hijack the airliner and divert it to rendezvous with
> the giant transport plane Audomura.
> Rosamia Vadam, an enhanced Newtype produced by Augusta Laboratory, attacks
> Audomura in the new variable Mobile Suit Gaplant (ORX-005). Camille is
> appalled at the power of the Gaplant -- it takes the combined power of the
> Mark-II and the Type-100 to defeat it.
> Braun, angered by Rosamia's failure, attacks Audomura in the Asshimar.
> Camille and Quattro again combine forces to repel the attack. Even so, Braun
> is about to smash the bridge of the Audomura when Amuro and Katsu arrive.
> The passengers have been let off en route, so they are free to ram the
> Asshimar with the hijacked airliner. Katsu flies to safety using a "Homo
> Avis" (jet-propelled strap-on wings) while Camille rescues Amuro from the
> falling plane. He then comes face to face with his former enemy in the One
> Year War, Char Aznable.
> Episode 15: "Katsu's Sortie"
> Amuro Rei is under house arrest at a great mansion in Cheyenne. Amuro has
> lost much of his fighting spirit during his seclusion. This angers Katsu,
> who has looked up to Amuro as a hero.
> Beltorchika Irma, emissary from the association of former White Base
> crewmembers who support AEUGO called "Kalaba" arrives in a replica biplane.
> She tells Quattro that the Kalaba can get three of the earthbound AEUGO
> Mobile Suits back into space to rendezvous with the Ahgama. She is anything
> but shy and openly displays an amorous interest in Amuro.
> [NOTE: "Kalaba" may be a Japanese contraction of "Collaborator" and thus
> indicate anyone who aids and abets AEUGO or otherwise works against EUG.]
> Rosamia attacks Audomura in the Gaplant again in an effort to regain Braun's
> favor. Katsu goes out in the Mark-II in order to shame Amuro into fighting.
> Rosamia almost kills the boy before Camille, in the Rick Dias, and Quattro,
> in the Type-100, fly to his rescue.
> Irma is something more than sympathetic as Amuro berates himself for his own
> inability to do battle.
> Katsu redeems himself for creating the current crisis by defeating the
> Gaplant with a surge of Newtype power. Hyato is angered by his son's actions
> but grudgingly forgives him as Audomura changes course for the Kalaba base
> at Hickory.
> Episode 16: "Through The White Mist"
> The Audomura is en route to Hickory by way of the Kalaba launch site where
> Camille, Quattro and Katsu will make their way back to the Ahgama.
> Amuro has been given the Rick Dias. Irma talks to him, trying to rekindle
> his fighting spirit and maybe spark a little romance. Quattro also takes him
> aside, to allay their mutual guilt over the death of Lala Sun, who
> sacrificed herself to keep them from killing each other during the One Year
> War.
> Irma takes off in her biplane to direct the Mobile Suits to the launch site.
> As they reach the site, Braun leads a squad of Hizacks against the Audomura.
> Amuro has a change of heart and attacks Braun's Asshimar.
> Camille gives Katsu a gun with instructions to get Quattro on the shuttle
> and keep him there, then takes off to assist Amuro in the Mark-II. Camille
> and Amuro keep the Titan forces at bay while the shuttle lifts off. The
> battle ends when they team up to catch the Asshimar in their crossfire.
> Episode 17: "Hong Kong City"
> The Audomura heads for New Guinea to capture another shuttle so Camille can
> return to the Ahgama. Kai has contacts with the Luio Company in Hong Kong
> that will get them the weapons they need for this mission. Braun's personal
> aide Ben Wooda assumes command of the Titan Garuda super plane and continues
> the pursuit.
> Murasame Psychic Institute sends the experimental Psycho Gundam (MRX-009)
> and crew to replace the Asshimar. Wooda is not pleased to learn that both
> new crewmembers are women -- the "synthetic" Newtype Four Murasame and her
> mentor Namikar Cornell.
> Amuro and Irma check out the Luio Company, where Amuro spots Mirai Noah (nee
> Yashima), who piloted White Base during the One Year War. She is now married
> to Bright Noah and is trying to get on a shuttle flight to a space colony
> with their two children, Hathaway and Charmaine.
> Amuro tries to speed things up and is set upon by company goons, attracting
> the attention of Stephanie Luio. Irma, Mirai and the kids get away while the
> guards pile into Amuro, getting to the street just in time to witness the
> arrival of Psycho Gundam.
> The new Psycho Gundam is huge -- twice as tall as the Mark-II in which
> Camille flies out to do battle -- and powered entirely by Four's Newtype
> psychic energy. Camille, Amuro and Mirai all feel its powerful aura. The
> monster Psycho Gundam batters the Mark-II across Hong Kong until Camille
> uses his own Newtype power to break Four's concentration.
> Stephanie seems quite taken with Amuro as she agrees to give them the
> weapons they need for their raid on New Guinea.
> Episode 18: "Captive Mirai"
> Four sneaks off the Garuda to track down the (to her) unknown pilot of the
> Mark-II who touched her mind so deeply.
> Amuro escorts Mirai and the children aboard a cruise ship that will take
> them to relative safety until the Kalaba can find a way to reunite them with
> Bright on the Ahgama. Four comes ashore near the marina and notices Camille
> waiting for Amuro. After hearing Amuro's name called, she hitches a ride
> with Camille to get a line on the Mark-II pilot.
> Mirai and the children are kidnapped while Camille and Four are driving
> around Hong Kong. The Titans will release them for the surrender of the
> Audomura, but Amuro trades himself instead.
> Camille goes to the rescue in the Mark-II, surprising the submerged Marine
> Hizack (MS-06M) ambushers by coming in underwater himself.
> Episode 19: "Cinderella Four"
> The mayor of Hong Kong, caught between the two warring powers, orders the
> Audomura to leave before the city loses its neutrality.
> Camille sneaks away to look for Four, who now carries a Titan homing device.
> Camille and Four are attracted by their Newtype affinity. Four has no memory
> of her life before the enhancement treatment at the Institute, where she was
> the fourth subject: Murasame #4 (MRX-004).
> Wooda attacks Hong Kong in Psycho Gundam, but lacks the Newtype power to
> control it properly. Amuro takes the Mark-II against it, but Psycho Gundam
> simply can't be stopped with physical force. Four is attuned to Psycho
> Gundam and uses her power to regain control of it while Amuro picks up
> Camille.
> As Camille drops Amuro off and takes over the Mark-II, Four realizes that he
> is the Enemy she's been seeking. She is confused by her affinity with
> Camille, which she tries to reject, and memories of her former life, which
> return in painful flashes.
> Camille tries to talk her out of it, but Four is maddened by her inner
> conflicts and attacks with increasing savagery until Amuro gets Camille to
> retreat. The battle ends in a draw.
> The Audomura leaves Hong Kong to prevent any more attacks on the city.
> Episode 20: "Fiery Escape"
> Camille sulks over the loss of Four, refusing to get out of bed. Amuro
> understands his feelings, having still not come to terms with his own
> feelings about Char.
> The Garuda continues to pursue the Audomura. Hyato gets word from Hong Kong
> that the Ahgama will soon be in range for another shuttle rendezvous as Four
> leads a squad of Hizacks against the Audomura.
> Amuro goes out to meet them in the Rick Dias, followed by Camille in the
> Mark-II. Four, determined to make up for past defeats, orders the Hizack
> squad to stay back while she flies in close to destroy the Audomura. Hyato
> responds by launching the new Nemo (MSA-003).
> Camille holds back until Four captures Amuro's Rick Dias, his attack
> coinciding with another flashback. The battle rages across the North
> Pacific, until Camille and Four confront each other mentally as well as
> physically. Through their psychic bond, Four learns of the death of
> Camille's mother and he feels her longing for the freedom of space.
> Wooda orders all noncombatants off the Garuda as he prepares to ram the
> Audomura, but Four rams the Garuda with Psyco Gundam first. She tears a
> rocket booster loose before being shot down by Wooda. Amuro convinces
> Camille to use the rocket booster to return to the Ahgama, and then rams the
> Garuda with his flying sled, which crashes through the fuel cells and blows
> the super plane to atoms as Amuro flies to safety.
> Camille thinks of Four as he returns to the Ahgama, where Fa is now with
> Quattro.
> Episode 21: "Zeta's Heartbeat"
> The Titans launch "Operation Apollo" to take control of Von Braun City on
> the far side of the Moon. Scirocco gives Jamitov a loyalty oath sealed in
> blood and is appointed commander of the battleship Dogoth Gear.
> Jared and Moira Pharaoh, the Titan pilot who saved Jared's life in the AEUGO
> attack on Jabrow, are also placed under Scirocco's command and given the new
> Gabthley (RX-110). Jared is quite pleased with them after a test run against
> the Messala. Scirocco plans to control the Earth sector when the war is over
> and recruits Jared and Moira to this end.
> Emma worries about Camille as the Ahgama approaches Side 2. Both are nearly
> killed when the Ahgama is attacked by the Gabthleys. Emma's Rick Dias is
> destroyed as she ejects and Camille is forced to abandon the crippled
> Mark-II. Fa rescues them as the Gabthleys are caught in the crossfire of
> Z-Gundam (MSZ-006) and the Ahgama's Mega Particle Cannon.
> Episode 22: "Scirocco's Vision"
> Scirocco is given twin Newtype cadets, Sara and Sidra Zabiarov, and sends
> them on a training flight with Jared's Marasai squad.
> Camille checks out Z-Gundam and learns that Fa is now an AEUGO sergeant and
> Mobile Suit pilot. Henken sends Reccoa to the Ahgama with two new weapons,
> the Methuss (MSA-005) and the G-Defenser spaceplane, and a present for Emma.
> Camille mopes over Four while talking to Fa.
> Jared and the Titan cadets intercept the Methuss and G-Defenser near Side 2.
> Camille sees this in a Newtype vision and takes off in Z-Gundam followed by
> Emma in the Mark-II and Fa in the Rick Dias.
> Jared realizes that Camille is flying the new Mobile Suit and leaves his
> trainees to go after him. Sara cripples Fa's Rick Dias, but Sidra is killed
> by Camille and Jared is forced to retreat as his cadets begin to panic.
> Scirocco is disappointed, but not overly concerned, by the loss of Theodora.
> He's impressed by Sara's potential and goes out of his way to charm her,
> taking advantage of her obvious crush on him.
> Fa is reprimanded for taking the Rick Dias out without authorization. Reccoa
> thanks Camille for his help and delivers Henken's belated gift to Emma.
> Episode 23: "Moon Attack"
> The Titans begin Operation Apollo to take control of Von Braun City.
> Quattro, Henken and Katsu leave the city in a space cruiser to prepare for
> the expected attack. Scirocco gives his troops their final mission briefing
> and leads the fleet from the Dogoth Gear.
> Quattro in the Type-100 and Camille in Z-Gundam engage the Titan Mobile
> Suits near the lunar surface while the Ahgama is attacked by the Titan
> fleet. Fa reluctantly enters the battle and Camille backs her up. Quattro's
> damaged Type-100 almost destroys Jared's Gabthley, but Moira rescues him.
> Scirocco very selectively launches his troops as the Dogoth Gear descends
> unopposed toward Von Braun City, having diverted the defenders away from his
> true target: the spaceport. Later, Jamaican reprimands Scirocco for his
> unorthodox tactics, even though they were totally successful. Scirocco's
> apology is sincere on the surface, but he clearly won't forget this
> incident.
> Fa is ashamed of her panic during the battle, all the more so because
> everyone insists on crediting it to her youth and inexperience.
> Episode 24: "Counterstroke"
> The Ahgama stops to replenish its supplies at Granada Moon Base and review
> AEUGO'S defeat at Von Braun City. Quattro and Blex attend a EUG Deliberative
> Assembly -- Blex is a high-ranking Assemblyman.
> Camille goes on a scouting mission to Von Braun City by way of Erica
> spaceport. Katsu wants to go with him, but is told to stay behind.
> Jared and Moira spot Camille exploring the city and capture him. Jared wants
> to kill Camille on the spot, but Moira stops him -- the pilot of Z- Gundam
> is too valuable to be killed on a whim.
> Camille is rescued by Katsu, who has disobeyed orders and followed him.
> Quattro finds Blex fatally wounded in his hotel room. Before he dies, Blex
> gives Quattro full authority to represent AEUGO at the next Assembly.
> Scirocco launches another attack on the Ahgama. Appori, Emma and Fa respond
> in the Rick Dias, Mark II and Methuss.
> Camille has a Newtype vision of Fa in battle. He drags Katsu to a shelter as
> the conflict threatens to breach the city's dome, where they meet Jared and
> Moira in similar straits.
> Reccoa takes off in Z-Gundam to find Camille, who senses her approach and
> goes out to meet her. The Von Braun sheltered blame the Titans for the
> current crisis and prevent Jared and Moira from pursuing.
> Camille takes Z-Gundam against the Messala, now piloted by Yazan Gerber. The
> Titans retreat, promising vengeance against the people of Von Braun City.
> Katsu is recognized for heroism while Fa mourns the death of Blex.
> Episode 25: "Colony Fall Day"
> A Hizack approaches the Ahgama under a flag of truce. Scirocco, humiliated
> by Jamaican's reprimand, has sent Sara to betray Jamaican's plan to push the
> deserted Side 4 out of its orbit and crash it into Von Braun City. Camille
> learns that Scirocco has been behind all the recent attacks.
> Sara is put under house-arrest and held hostage in the event that this is a
> trap. The Ahgama and Radish set out to intercept the falling space colony
> while Won Lee warns the mayor of Von Braun City -- the Titans are the real
> threat.
> Sara plays on Katsu's trust to recover her Hizack and escape. Emma activates
> one of Side 4's attitude jets, which alters the space colony's trajectory
> enough to miss Von Braun City.
> Episode 26: "Zion's Ghost"
> Aboard the Alexandria, Yazan argues with Jamaican about their next move.
> They agree that Yazan will take the Gaplant and lead a squad of Hizacks
> against Ahgama.
> Aboard the Radish, Henken talks with Emma about the progress of the
> G-Defenser test. He is reluctant to let her go back to the Ahgama.
> Aboard the Ahgama, Bright is preparing for another Titan attack. Katsu talks
> to Emma about becoming a Mobile Suit pilot. Yazan attacks and Emma in the
> Mark-II leads a squad of Nemos to defend the ship.
> Against orders, Katsu takes off in the G-Defenser to help Emma against
> Yazan, but ends up distracting her at a critical moment instead.
> Camille senses the battle and, after an argument with Bright (who is again
> reminded of his old friend Amuro), gets Z-Gundam ready to launch.
> The Mark-II and G-Defenser link up to form Super Gundam.
> Katsu is almost killed by a Hizack and ejects, taking refuge in the derelict
> Zion Gwajin-type battleship, abandoned during the One Year War and now
> adrift in the middle of the new battle zone. Emma finds Katsu in the
> wreckage just as the Hizack finds her.
> Meanwhile, Z-Gundam and the Gaplant have used up all their ammunition and
> now duel with energy swords. Emma and Katsu are captured by the Hizack as
> Camille ambushes Yazan in another part of the ship.
> The crossfire between the Alexandria and Ahgama gets intense and a stray
> shot destroys the Hizack. Katsu reactivates one of the Gwajin's "antique"
> Gelgoog (MS-14) to help Camille, who appears to be losing to Yazan.
> The Gaplant appears to retreat with Z-Gundam and Super Gundam in hot
> pursuit, but it's all part of Yazan's plan. He sets Jamaican up to take a
> direct hit on the Alexandria's bridge from a blast aimed at his Gaplant.
> After the battle, Bright plans to use an old Zion base against the Titans as
> Katsu is officially made pilot of the G-Defenser.
> Episode 27: "Char's Return"
> The Ahgama and Radish proceed to geosynchronous orbit to rendezvous with
> Quattro. Camille and Fa argue over her status as a Mobile Suit pilot and
> Appori kids Camille about the boy's apparent lack of skill with women.
> Bright and Henken make plans for Reccoa to infiltrate Jupiteris.
> Aboard the Dogoth Gear, Yazan and Jared get into an argument that disrupts
> the Mobile Suit launch bay. Moira takes Jared aside and cautions him on the
> danger of crossing Yazan -- look what happened to Jamaican. She reminds him
> of Scirocco's plan and their part in it.
> The Ahgama descends toward the atmosphere as the Audomura ascends toward
> space -- Quattro will fly a shuttle between them. Titan Mobile Suits, led by
> Yazan's Gaplant, attack as the shuttle comes in range. Emma leads a
> counterforce in the Mark-II, but Bright is still forced to move the Ahgama
> ahead of schedule.
> Jared and Moira lead a squad of Hizacks in their Gabthleys. Sara is in a
> Hizack armed with a Mega Bazooka, Moira has the booster pack for it. Sara is
> so intent on destroying Z-Gundam that she unconsciously broadcasts her
> intentions in a wave of Newtype energy. Katsu and Emma respond, forming
> Super Gundam and sending a warning to Camille, who's attention is being
> distracted by Jared until Sara is ready to fire.
> Camille disrupts Sara's concentration with the same Newtype mental contact
> he used on Four in Psyco Gundam. Sara's shot goes wild, destroying Quattro's
> shuttle. The crew compartment is intact, however, and the Ahgama picks it up
> as the Titans retreat.
> Sara, like Four, is both disturbed and intrigued by the intimate contact
> with Camille, who is now trying to make up with Fa.
> Quattro brings Bright a message from Mirai and the children, relayed to him
> by Hyato aboard the Audomura.
> Episode 28: "Jupiteris Infiltration"
> Quattro, Bright and Henken discuss their campaign on Earth and the need for
> information on the Titan's new variable Mobile Suits. Reccoa will fly an old
> Gelgoog salvaged from the derelict EUG ship Republic to the Jupiteris, where
> she will present herself as a stateless refugee survivor of a deep-space
> accident.
> Camille fears for Reccoa's safety after the Jabrow fiasco, but Fa defends
> her -- Reccoa knows what she's doing. Later, Reccoa admits to Fa that part
> of the reason she's taking the mission is to regain her confidence. Fa
> becomes jealous when Camille goes out in Z-Gundam to fly escort for Reccoa.
> Aboard the Dogoth Gear, Scirocco continues to charm Sara as her training
> nears completion. The Titans track Reccoa's approach and Sara goes out in
> the Messala.
> Camille watches from an asteroid as Reccoa enters the Jupiteris, where her
> cover story is accepted.
> Scirocco visits the Jupiteris on an inspection tour. Sara discovers Z-Gundam
> at the same time that Scirocco discovers Reccoa. As Sara closes in on
> Camille, she is attacked in turn by Fa, who has followed Camille in the
> Methuss. Reccoa escapes as the Messala is damaged and forced to retreat, but
> the Methuss is crippled and has to ride back to the Ahgama on the back of
> Z-Gundam in its Wave Rider mode.
> Aboard the Ahgama, Reccoa sketches the Mobile Suits she saw on the Jupiteris
> for Bright, but is unable to get the handsome and charismatic Scirocco off
> her mind.
> Episode 29: "Side Two Crisis"
> Radish orbits the Moon over Von Braun City as Ahgama goes on alone to Side
> 2, where a minor revolt is in progress and a Titan raid is expected at any
> time. Quattro takes the Type-100 to Von Braun City to brief AEUG's backers
> on his mission to Earth. Bright gets word that the Alexandria carries the
> same G-3 nerve gas used on Bunch 30.
> Camille is teased for hanging around waiting for Reccoa and goes to see Fa,
> who has been given charge of the refugee children Shinta and Qum now that
> Reccoa has returned.
> Jared briefs his troops on their mission at Bunch 25 (Side 2) -- they will
> indeed be using G-3.
> The mayor of Bunch 25 is having second thoughts now that the Titan force is
> known to be on the way.
> The Alexandria approaches the colony disguised as an asteroid. The Ahgama
> opens fire on it and launches Camille in Z-Gundam and Reccoa in the Methuss
> as the Titan Hizacks attach the G-3 canister to Bunch 25's hull. Jared's
> Gabthley goes after Z-Gundam, taking the battle into the colony.
> Katsu, in a Nemo, prevents Moira's Gabthley from destroying Z-Gundam. Reccoa
> destroys the G-3 canister and the Titan forces withdraw.
> The Ahgama docks with the colony and Bright lectures the mayor on the
> futility of trying to deal with the Titans.
> Episode 30: "Jared Suicide Attack"
> Quattro and Won Lee wait at Von Braun City to discuss using the former Zion
> stronghold as a central base for AEUGO with Melanie Hugh Carbine.
> Yazan leads a Mobile Suit strike force against the Ahgama and Z-Gundam.
> Moira counsels Jared to curb his obsession with vengeance -- against Yazan
> as well as Camille.
> Bright reprimands Camille and Fa for letting the children get into the
> Mobile Suit launch bay.
> Jared and Moira wait in ambush in the remains of a derelict colony while
> Yazan and the rest of the Titan force herds the Ahgama their way. A Titan
> fleet is detected by the Ahgama's radar just as it launches its own Mobile
> Suit force and both the Ahgama and the Radish retreat toward the abandoned
> colony.
> Camille and Fa turn back to defend the ships while Emma and Appori lead the
> AEUGO counterforce against Yazan. Jared and Moira spring their trap,
> focusing on the Ahgama.
> Z-Gundam squares off against Jared's Gabthley while Fa's Mark-II keeps
> Moira's Gabthley at bay. Camille retreats into the colony to draw Jared away
> from the Ahgama.
> Fa sees Haro floating near a breach in the Ahgama's hull and goes after it
> to make sure the children are okay. Camille goes to help her and almost gets
> her killed by Jared and Moira. As Fa is wounded by their crossfire,
> Camille's Newtype power explodes in a burst of rage, destroying half the
> Titan Mobile Suits.
> A mental warning from Emma saves Camille from Jared's Mega Cannon. Camille
> counters with the Mega Bazooka, but Moira shields Jared with her Gabthley,
> taking the full force of the blast herself. Jared attacks the Ahgama in a
> mindless rage, only to have his Gabthley shot to pieces by Emma.
> Yazan accepts that the plan has failed and retreats. Jared sees an
> apparition of Moira as his drifts into deep space in his wrecked Gabthley.
> Bright thanks Emma for saving the Ahgama, but she credits Camille. Fa is
> recognized for her devotion to the children.
> Episode 31: "Half-Moon Love"
> The Ahgama returns to Von Braun City for repairs and supplies. Shinta and
> Qum sneak off while Fa talks to Appori and tell Torres they're going
> outside.
> Sara leads Hambrabi (RX-139) squad to the edge of Von Braun and infiltrates
> the city alone carrying a time bomb.
> Fa goes to Camille's cabin, frantic because she can't find the children.
> Camille goes with her to look for them as Sara searches for Gate 5, her
> target. She feels a flash of Newtype power and recognizes Camille, taking
> cover in a dress shop.
> Later, as Sara recalls their last encounter, Camille feels the same New Type
> tremor, which reminds him of Four Murasame. He and Fa split up to widen the
> search as Sara knocks out a guard and plants the bomb.
> Camille has visions of Four that lead him right to the fleeing Sara, whom he
> quickly captures. Sara feeds him a line about wanting to defect. Camille
> agrees to discuss it over ice cream. Fa confronts Camille at the ice cream
> stand, demanding they return to the Ahgama immediately. Camille tells her he
> can't go back just yet and to relay this to Bright, then returns to Sara.
> They enjoy the ice cream and a walk in the park until Sara breaks down and
> tells him about the bomb.
> Camille calls Fa on a nearby PA system and, while Fa goes to warn Bright and
> the Ahgama, he and Sara go to disarm the bomb.
> The Ahgama is moments from launching when Camille gets to the bomb, then
> loses it down the ventilation shaft. Sara tries to run, but Camille decks
> her and carries her into the now-deserted park -- everyone else has
> evacuated. Appori picks them up in the Rick Dias and joins the Ahgama, as
> the bomb destroys the spaceport and Sara's Hambrabi squad attacks. Fa is
> still worrying about the children as she launches in the Methuss, along with
> Appori in the Rick Dias and Camille in Z-Gundam.
> Sara's restraints fail when the Ahgama takes a hit and she escapes with just
> her space suit and jetpack. Fa sees her escaping and blames her for the
> children's disappearance.
> As Sara is picked up by one of her Hambrabi, she psychically taunts
> Camille -- the ice cream was delicious. Camille curses his stupidity and
> tries vainly to shoot them down.
> Back on the Ahgama, Fa finds the children playing in the shower, but is too
> relieved to be angry.
> Episode 32: "Mystery Mobile Suits"
> As repairs proceed aboard the Ahgama, Won Lee orders an AEUGO offensive
> against the Titans. Bright worries that such an action might provoke the
> hitherto-neutral Axis to takes sides against them.
> Camille frets because Fa spends all her time with the children. Won Lee
> finds him moping in the corridor and puts him to work prepping Z-Gundam for
> battle. In the mess hall, Reccoa can't eat and rebuffs both Quattro and
> Camille.
> Aboard the Dogoth Gear, Scirocco warns Sara to watch herself around Yazan,
> who seems to be everywhere these days.
> After consulting with Quattro, Bright agrees to attack the Dogoth Gear.
> Quattro plans a sniper attack using the Type-100 and Mega Bazooka, but
> Reccoa will have to set up the shot for him and provide additional power
> from her Gelgoog's batteries.
> Scirocco gives Yazan a Hambrabi as they join forces, but Sara worries about
> this uneasy alliance.
> Camille leads a head-on assault against the Dogoth Gear while Quattro and
> Reccoa snipe from the rear. Yazan launches just before Quattro's first shot
> destroys the launch ramp.
> Reccoa senses Scirocco's presence and flies off toward the Dogoth Gear to
> join him. Yazan closes with Camille, his Hambrabi mauling Z-Gundam. Reccoa
> intervenes, almost taking a shot meant for Yazan, and Scirocco recognizes
> her Gelgoog from the Jupiteris encounter. Camille and Reccoa are forced back
> by Yazan, who destroys Reccoa's Gelgoog.
> Camille picks Reccoa up as she ejects, but Z-Gundam is defenseless. As Yazan
> closes in for the kill, a hundred Gaza-Cs (AMX-003) appear and drive the
> Titans off. They surround both the Dogoth Gear and the Ahgama, which call a
> truce until the mystery Suits are dealt with. Scirocco is unconcerned -- he
> recognizes the newcomers and shares their ambitions.
> Aboard the Ahgama, Reccoa and Camille call it even on saving one another's
> lives. Quattro also recognizes the Gaza-Cs and is not so self-assured.
> Episode 33: "Axis Messenger"
> Won Lee leads Bright, Quattro, Reccoa and Camille from Ahgama to the Axis
> flagship Gwadan. Camille and Quattro register a powerful Newtype presence as
> they near the ship.
> The AEUGO delegation is met by Haman Khan and two guards in Zion uniforms
> and conducted to an audience chamber decorated with Zion imperial emblems.
> A little girl occupies the throne: Minerva Zabi, last of the dynasty that
> ruled Zion during the One Year War. She recognizes Quattro as her father's
> friend, Char Aznable, exposing his identity. She dreams of restoring the
> Zion Empire under the Zabi rule. Quattro tells her this isn't possible, that
> Haman has been deceiving her with false hopes.
> Haman has the entire delegation arrested and put in the brig. Won Lee's fury
> over Quattro's deception prompts Quattro to stage a fight with Camille to
> distract the guard. The party escapes, but Quattro goes off on his own to
> find Haman. Bright sends Camille and Reccoa after him.
> Minerva is upset by Quattro's accusations, which Haman counters by
> denouncing Quattro as a traitor. Camille and Reccoa intervene and a gunfight
> ensues. Reccoa takes a shot meant for Quattro. The three AEUGO delegates
> manage to escape in Zion spacesuits, rescue the others from the brig and get
> them safely to their shuttle in the launch bay.
> The bridge crew of the Ahgama, unsure of what has happened, launches
> inflatable facsimile asteroids to confuse the Gwadan's radar and hide both
> the escaping shuttle and the Ahgama itself.
> Camille in Z-Gundam, Reccoa in the Methuss and Quattro in the Type-100
> launch to cover the Ahgama's escape, just as Yazan attacks with a full
> squadron of Hambrabis.
> Z-Gundam is caught by a triad of Hambrabis using electrified snare lines,
> but is rescued by Reccoa. Reccoa is then distracted by a Newtype flash of
> Scirocco and almost gets killed by Yazan. She is saved by a squad of Nemos
> led by Emma in the Mark-II and Katsu in the G-Defenser. Badly damaged, they
> all return to the Ahgama.
> Aboard the Gwadan, Scirocco swears allegiance to Minerva and the Zabi
> dynasty.
> Fa and Camille have a happy reunion aboard Ahgama while Quattro broods over
> Haman.
> Episode 34: "Space Call"
> On the Radish, Emma makes a date with Henken. In the Ahgama Mobile Suit
> launch bay, Camille asks Quattro how Reccoa is doing. This surprises Torres,
> who laughs at the idea of Quattro and Reccoa as an item. Camille asks Fa to
> check up on Reccoa for him. Fa and Reccoa talk -- Reccoa recalls her youth
> fighting the EUG and the death of her first love.
> Aboard the Dogoth Gear, Yazan is unhappy with the alliance with Axis and
> leads another attack of his own against the Ahgama, deploying inflatable
> "dummy" Marasai to confuse the AEUGO forces.
> Camille in Z-Gundam, Quattro in the Type-100, Emma in the Mark-II and Reccoa
> in the Methuss launch to defend the Ahgama. Reccoa is still hampered by her
> injured arm and is quickly ambushed. Quattro saves her, but is called off
> with Camille to counter what appears to be another squad of Mobile Suits.
> Reccoa is still in a daze, but Camille snaps her out of it.
> Aboard the Ahgama, Bright appraises the situation and countermands Won Lee's
> orders as Reccoa and Camille discover the Titan trick. Reccoa and Yazan
> experience a Newtype reaction as he destroys her Methuss. She ejects,
> allowing herself to be captured by Yazan and taken to Scirocco.
> As the Ahgama docks with the maintenance ship La Vie en Rose, Reccoa is
> presumed dead and Camille is furious with Quattro for allowing her to fight
> before she had fully recovered from her wounds.
> Episode 35: "Storm Over Kilimanjaro"
> The Radish leaves the Ahgama with La Vie en Rose. Petty quarrels ensue
> aboard Ahgama: Shinta and Qum break Haro, Camille is too busy writing
> reports for Bright to be bothered fixing it at first and snubs Quattro on
> his way to repair it later, Fa is upset with Camille for his childish
> actions toward Quattro since Reccoa's loss.
> Quattro and Bright meet to discuss an assault on the new Titan base atop
> Kilimanjaro. The Kalaba will attack it with Dijeh (MSK-008) and Dodai Sub
> Flight Units (flying sleds) while the Ahgama supplies orbital and aerial
> reconnaissance and high-altitude air support.
> As the Ahgama departs, Won Lee stays behind at La Vie en Rose. During the
> mission briefing, Camille interrupts Quattro with an angry outburst about
> Reccoa. Fa shuts him up, prompting him to walk out. Alone in the corridor,
> he has a vision of Four that mellows him enough to apologize to Fa later.
> Near Earth, Yazan attacks the Ahgama with the Barzam (RMS-154) developed at
> Kilimanjaro. Yazan cripples Quattro's Type-100, sending it plunging into the
> atmosphere, but Camille uses Z-Gundam in Wave Rider mode as a re-entry
> shield.
> Camille and Quattro land near Kilimanjaro, where the Audomura has begun the
> assault. Jamitov sends Psyco Gundam out to defend the base. Quattro and
> Camille find their way in through a heat exhaust vent under the lake and
> encounter intense Newtype power. Four is alive and being "enhanced" with
> drugs and shock therapy. Quattro and Camille narrowly escape after a
> confrontation with Jamitov and a skirmish with Four in Psyco Gundam.
> Episode 36: "Four To Infinity"
> In tents set up in the shelter of the Type-100 and Z-Gundam, Quattro and
> Amuro plan their next assault on the Kilimanjaro fortress.
> Camille and Four are drawn together by their Newtype affinity, which compels
> Camille to sneak into the complex in search of her. This time, Four
> recognizes him and both are so happy at being reunited that they forget all
> danger.
> Jared, on crutches as he recovers from his injuries, sees them in the
> corridor, but can't keep up with them. A frustrating game of tag ensues as
> he alternately spots and loses them. Four's memory is unstable and, as
> Camille is talking with her in her room, she suffers a paralyzing headache.
> Camille gets Four's medicine from the nightstand, then helps her to sick bay
> when the pain persists. Jared spots them in the corridor again and follows.
> Namikar recognizes Camille and tries to sound the alarm, but Camille smashes
> the intercom and forces her to help Four. Camille finds Four's medical
> profile in the computer and learns that the headaches and amnesia are side
> effects of the Newtype enhancement and conditioning process.
> Jared appears and tries to arrest Camille, but is overpowered by Four.
> Camille and Four escape with Jared in pursuit as Quattro, in the Type-100
> with the Wave Rider as a flying sled, leads an attack squadron of Dijehs
> with flying sleds. Jared corners the fugitives on a cliff and is almost
> killed when Camille throws him over the edge.
> The ground bursts from the battle trigger Four's operant
> conditioning --Camille is her sworn enemy! Her enhanced power manifests as
> she rebuffs Camille and summons Psyco Gundam. Jared makes it to the Mobile
> Suit hangar and commandeers the just-finished Byarlant (RX-160) prototype to
> go after Camille as Four boards Psyco Gundam to do the same. Quattro arrives
> and drops the Wave Rider, which Camille boards and converts to Z-Gundam.
> Meanwhile, Jamitov boards a space shuttle to evacuate Kilimanjaro. Quattro
> tries to stop him but is blocked by Four, whose Newtype power is now
> fantastically strong. Amuro's Dijeh rescues Quattro as the shuttle launches
> and the fortress begins to self-destruct.
> Four's personality changes again as the base blows up, losing both her
> fanatic hatred of Camille and her amplified Newtype powers. She uses the
> last of her strength to throw Psyco Gundam between Jared's Byarlant and
> Z-Gundam in a replay of Moira's sacrifice. Four is thrown from the wreckage
> and Camille goes to her, only to have her die in his arms.
> Quattro and Amuro are reminded of the death of Lala Sun, who died trying to
> stop their duel and bring them together during the One Year War. They prop
> Z-Gundam up between their two Mobile Suits and fly Camille and Four's body
> back to the Audomura as the Kilimanjaro fortress crumbles into smoldering
> ruin behind them.
> Episode 37: "Dakar's Day"
> Jared is aboard the Garuda super plane pursuing the Audomura, which is en
> route to Dakar to interrupt an Assembly meeting and use its global broadcast
> facilities to voice AEUGO and Kalaba grievances. Irma charms her way past
> the young Titan pilot Eiji to rendezvous with Quattro, airlifted by Amuro's
> Dijeh and flying sled.
> While Irma holds the Assembly at gunpoint, Quattro takes the podium and
> reveals his true identity, saying he speaks not as Char Aznable of the Zion
> Empire but as the son of Deacon Zion. Zion didn't set out to satisfy
> personal ambitions, like the Zabi dynasty that murdered him and stole his
> name, but to step into the sky for the true advancement of mankind. "Not to
> abandon Earth, as Earth is our mother, we must now go out on our own!"
> The broadcast is seen by Eiji, who spots Irma, and by Sayla Maas, the alias
> of Char's younger sister Artesia. Eiji and his cohort launch their Asshimars
> just as Jared takes off in the Byarlant with a squadron of Custom Hizacks
> (RMS-106CS).
> During the dogfight over the city, one of the Asshimars is hit and only
> Eiji's timely assistance keeps it from crashing in downtown Dakar. Eiji
> can't hold it and both are about to crash when Camille rescues them in
> Z-Gundam.
> Jared attacks viciously, tearing up a downtown city block to get at
> Z-Gundam. As he closes in for the kill, he is attacked in turn by Eiji'
> Asshimar -- his way of repaying Camille's earlier rescue.
> Irma hears the battle raging outside the Assembly and takes a cameraman to
> the roof. There they broadcast evidence of Titan ruthlessness as Jared
> attacks Eiji's Asshimar.
> The Kalaba and AEUGO forces make a safe retreat as the EUG Assembly and the
> world at large officially condemn the Titan's actions. Amuro and Quattro are
> now truly on the same side.
> Episode 38: "Reccoa's Sign"
> Jared continues his pursuit of the Audomura. The Titans attack just as final
> preparations are underway for Quattro and Camille to launch a two-man
> shuttle back to the Ahgama. The blast from the shuttle blows Jared's
> Byarlant off its sled, making him an easy target for Amuro's Dijeh.
> The waiting Ahgama is also under attack by the Titans, led by Yazan. As the
> shuttle nears rendezvous, Shinta and Qum sneak aboard the Methuss and take
> off to help them. Bright sends Fa to regain control of the Methuss while
> Quattro sets up the Mega Bazooka in the shuttle cargo bay.
> Reccoa is aboard the Titan battleship, giving tactical advice. Camille and
> Reccoa sense each other's presence and Camille upsets Quattro's aim as
> Reccoa warns the Titan captain. Quattro's shot barely misses the Titan ship,
> which retreats.
> Aboard the Ahgama, Appori mourns a fellow pilot killed by Yazan's Hambrabi.
> Bright welcomes Quattro and Camille, who are disturbed by Reccoa's
> reappearance as an enemy.
> Episode 39: "Lakeside"
> The Ahgama returns to Bunch 25 (Side 2) for supplies. Camille and Fa take
> the children on a sightseeing excursion of the colony.
> The Titans regroup at Grips 2 (Side 7) while Jamitov and Basque plan their
> next move against AEUGO with Scirocco.
> Rosamia is sent as a spy to Bunch 25. She is drawn to Camille, whom she
> insists is her brother, and forces herself on the party, refusing to part
> company with him.
> During a rustic wagon-ride, Rosamia shows Camille a picture of her family,
> from whom she was separated during the One Year War. The boy she identifies
> as her brother could easily be mistaken for Camille.
> Quattro, patrolling in the Type-100, is attacked by a pair of Custom
> Hizacks. Camille senses Quattro's situation and takes everyone on a boat
> ride on the lake -- Camille and the children in one boat, Fa and Rosamia in
> the other. A stray shot holes the colony and the battle moves inside.
> At the lake, Camille and Rosamia trade places and he and Fa row into the
> reeds. Rosamia gets Minerva to join her and the children, much to Haman's
> dismay. Haman and Camille catch sight of each other as the battle enters
> their area.
> Another wild shot blows a hole in the "bottom" of the lake, with
> life-threatening results for everyone. Haman reclaims Minerva and gets away
> while Quattro repairs the hull.
> Aboard the Ahgama, Camille introduces Rosamia while Fa looks on with obvious
> jealousy for the sexy newcomer's open displays of sisterly affection.
> Episode 40: "Grips Debut"
> The Ahgama prepares to attack Grips 2 before the Colony Laser can be
> deployed. Rosamia, like her predecessor Four, displays wild mood swings and
> headaches, behaving childishly much of the time. She especially displays a
> childish fear of doctors, which makes Emma suspicious.
> At Grips 2, Reccoa is enchanted by Scirocco, who gives her the Messala to
> lead a squad of Barzams against the Ahgama.
> Camille recognizes the Messala, which was last piloted by Sara. He and Emma
> are shocked to learn that it's now piloted by Reccoa, who is unhappy about
> changing sides but certain of Scirocco's success.
> Z-Gundam pins the Messala against an asteroid and Camille tries to talk to
> Reccoa, but she rejects him and escapes.
> Basque fires the Colony Laser at Side 2, destroying Bunch 18 the same way
> Giren Zabi destroyed the Peace Conference during the One Year War.
> Everyone aboard the Ahgama witnesses the destruction and the ship retreats
> with morale at an all-time low. Reccoa is disturbed by the senseless deaths
> and her part in making them possible as Camille vows to avenge all who have
> died at the hands of the Titans.
> Episode 41: "The Awakening"
> Rosamia refuses to see the doctor until Shinta and Qum convince her by
> example that there's nothing to fear.
> Aboard the Dogoth Gear, Basque orders Reccoa to prove her new loyalties by
> leading an attack on Bunch 21 (Side 2).
> Reccoa's Messala and the pair of Hizacks with the G-3 nerve gas bomb are
> detected by the colony and intercepted by a squad of Nemos. Camille in
> Z-Gundam and Emma in the Mark-II take off to join them, but Quattro stays
> behind to keep an eye on Rozamia.
> Using the children as a diversion, Rosamia takes a Nemo (which she
> derisively calls "A simple machine!") and chases after her "brother" with
> Quattro close behind in the Type-100.
> Meanwhile, the G-3 is released into Bunch 21 with deadly effect. Camille
> senses the deaths of the eight million inhabitants.
> Battle is joined. Camille sees Reccoa in the Messala, but is accosted by
> Rosamia before he can confront her. Camille and Rosamia enter Bunch 21
> through a breach in the hull. Rosamia witnesses the mass murder as Camille
> exacts a measure of revenge by blasting the Hizacks. Quattro confronts
> Reccoa, but can't bring himself to stop her.
> Rosamia, like Four, falls victim to her programming and suddenly sees
> Camille as the Enemy. Emma keeps Rosamia from killing Camille, who stops
> Emma from killing Rosamia. Reccoa and Rosamia escape, leaving Camille and
> Quattro to reflect on the consequences of their actions.
> Episode 42: "Goodbye Rosamia"
> Threatened by the Colony Laser at Grips 2, the citizens of Granada evacuate
> through underground tunnels while the Ahgama and Radish dock with La Vie en
> Rose for supplies.
> Camille, Emma, Fa and Quattro meet with the doctor, who tells them that
> Rosamia is an artificial Newtype. The Titans have given her false memories
> in hopes of preventing the personality breakdown that destroyed Four, but
> their plan backfired when Camille turned up looking like her fictitious
> older brother. The similarity of surnames -- Vidan and Vadam -- may also
> have been a factor. In any case, Rosamia is both a powerful and inherently
> unstable Newtype.
> Aboard the Dogoth Gear, Basque orders a test of the Bound Dock (NRX-055)
> with Rosamia as pilot.
> AEUGO goes on the offensive to keep the Titans too busy to use their Colony
> Laser, attacking a flotilla en route to Bunch 13 (Side 2).
> Rosamia attacks Fa's Methuss, but is driven back by Z-Gundam. Rosamia is
> torn between her conditioned hatred of Z-Gundam and her implanted love of
> her "brother" Camille. As they drift into Bunch 13, he tries to win her
> over, citing how much her playmates Qum and Shinta miss her.
> Meanwhile, Quattro finds a pair of Hizacks attaching a G-3 gas bomb to the
> hull and blasts it.
> Camille almost wins Rosamia over, but her controllers arrive in a prototype
> Bound Dock and activate the psycho-wave amplifier used with Four at
> Kilimanjaro. Rosamia tranforms her Bound Dock into its grotesque combat
> mode, a mechanical monster four times the size of Z-Gundam, but as before
> Camille can't bring himself to kill her.
> Quattro fires on the controller's Bound Dock and disables the psycho-wave.
> Rosamia loses her fighting spirit and both Bound Docks retreat.
> Basque returns to Grips 2 and the deadly Colony Laser.
> Episode 43: "Haman's Sneer"
> During a lull in the fighting, Camille is summoned from the rec room to the
> bridge for an important assignment. He is to carry an offer of alliance to
> Axis. Katsu objects openly and is thrown into the brig along with Shinta and
> Qum, who joined in his disruption.
> Camille flies Z-Gundam under a flag of truce to the Gwadan, where Haman
> greets him royally. AEUGO is asking for her assistance in destroying the
> Colony Laser that threatens them both.
> Haman flies to the Ahgama in her new Qubeley (AMX-004) and agrees to the
> alliance on the condition that "Zion" (Side 3) is "restored" under Axis and
> that "Char Aznable" acknowledges Minerva (and, by implication, Haman) as its
> rightful ruler. Quattro reluctantly agrees.
> At Grips 2, Basque is preparing to fire the Colony Laser at Granada.
> Fa joins Katsu and the children in the brig to watch over them, which
> insults Katsu no end. The Ahgama's Mobile Suits spearhead the assault and,
> sensing that the tide is turning against them, Fa and Katsu join them.
> The Gwadan fires a broadside that disables the Colony Laser's core pulse
> engine, preventing it from rotatating for a clear shot at Granada. Haman has
> kept her end of the bargain and saved the day.
> The Ahgama links up with the Gwadan for Quattro's promised audience with
> Minerva and Haman. "Char Aznable" pledges allegiance to Zion, but "Quattro
> Baijina" recalls his repeated disclaimer: "I am QUATTRO now!"
> Episode 44: "Zedan's Gate"
> Haman requests a meeting with Jamitov on the asteroid fortress Zedan's Gate
> (formerly known as A'Bao'A'Qu). The Ahgama follows the Gwadan as a backup.
> Aboard the Jupiteris, Scirocco assigns Sara to an attack mission in the new
> Bolinoak Samaan (PMX-002) while he and Reccoa go to defend Zedan's Gate.
> The Ahgama detects Sara's approaching Mobile Suit and Camille intercepts it
> in Z-Gundam. He and Sara battle until he corners her in an abandoned
> outpost.
> Meanwhile, Haman meets with Jamitov aboard the battleship Hario. Jamitov
> offers an alliance with Zion, but Haman is skeptical. Her suspicion is
> justified by an assassination attempt, which she escapes in part because she
> expected it.
> Jared in the Byarlant leads an attack on the Gwadan and Haman summons the
> Ahgama for reinforcements. Camille joins the fight with Sara imprisoned at
> his side aboard Z-Gundam. Sara senses Katsu piloting the Methuss. The battle
> is violent, with heavy losses on both sides.
> Sara and Katsu meet again as she is interned aboard the Ahgama but, even
> though they are separated by great distance, Sara is still subject to the
> power of Scirocco's will.
> Episode 45: "Celestial Body"
> Haman declares that Axis will defeat the Titans at Zedan's Gate. Having seen
> Axis' superior forces, Jamitov writes the Titan base off and orders the EUG
> forces to evacuate. Scirocco sends Reccoa in the Pallas Athene (PMX-100) to
> rescue Sara.
> Aboard the Ahgama, Katsu watches Sara on the monitor and broods over the
> circumstances that have made them enemies. Camille's attempt to set him at
> ease only upsets him further.
> Reccoa observes from an asteroid as the Ahgama sets up for a barrage of
> Zedan's Gate. As the Ahgama Mobile Suits launch their attack, she makes
> hers. Camille senses her presence and tries to stop her, but he's too far
> away. Even so, he tries to warn her off via their Newtype affinity.
> Reccoa's attack allows Sara to escape and get to her Mobile Suit. Katsu
> senses her escape and goes after her while Fa battles Reccoa. They end up
> grounded near the Titan base, where they talk briefly about Reccoa's
> defection.
> Katsu catches up to Sara, but is attacked by Jared. Appori tries to help
> Katsu, but gets between them and is killed.
> Appori's death triggers Camille's berserker rage. The overwhelming AEUGO and
> Axis forces soon destroy Zedan's Gate, but Jared manages to escape with
> Reccoa and Sara.
> Episode 46: "Scirocco Steps Forward"
> With the Axis-Titans alliance on the ropes (what with Hamaan having
> double-crossed the Titans, captured the colony laser, and smashed the
> asteroid Axis into the Gate of Zedan), the leaders of both sides (Jamitov,
> Hamaan and Scirocco) meet aboard Hamaan's flagship to see if they can't work
> things out.
> Meanwhile, Katsu sneaks aboard the ship with the hare-brained notion that
> he's going to whack Scirocco and win Sara's love. He meets up with Char
> (still hanging out aboard Hamaan's ship), who improves on Katsu's plan by
> breaking into the conference room and trying to kill *everyone* involved. As
> luck would have it, Scirocco has meanwhile pulled a gun on Hamaan; Char
> breaks in, draws a bead on Scirocco, Sara senses the threat and fires her
> mobile suit's beam guns through the ship and into the conference room. Total
> chaos ensues, and everyone flees; Scirocco finds himself alone in the room
> with Jamitov, and shoots him just for kicks. Then he flees the Axis
> flagship, telling the Titans fleet that Hamaan had Jamitov whacked. The
> Titans open fire on the ship and destroy it.
> Now that everybody's outside in their mobile suits, Hamaan and Scirocco face
> off in one of those newtype staring matches. Reccoa and Sara, watching from
> the sidelines, decide to take out Hamaan while she's distracted - but Katsu
> has the same idea in regards Scirocco, and comes zooming in to shoot him in
> the back. Sara takes the hit, saving her purple-haired Humbert Humbert.
> Episode 47: "Universal Maelstrom"
> AEUGO launches Operation Maelstrom, an all-out attempt to capture the colony
> laser back from the Axis. Camille faces off against Hamaan, becomes
> embroiled in a newtype mind-meld, and has his butt saved by Fa and Katsu.
> The operation succeeds, as the AEUGO forces wipe out the hapless Axis.
> Episode 48: "From Rosamia's Heart"
> The asteroid Axis, last seen plowing into the Titans' asteroid headquarters
> in episode 45, has made a semi-orbit of Earth and is now heading for an
> imminent collision with the moon. It's on course to plow directly into
> Granada, a major base of support for AEUGO and the home of its sponsor
> Anaheim Electronics. The AEUGO forces are ordered to drop whatever they're
> doing and save the corporate headquarters from imminent destruction.
> While the AEUG fleet consolidates around the colony laser, the Agama is sent
> to Axis for some reason that currently escapes me. Camille, nosing about the
> asteroid, runs into the mighty Psyco Gundam Mk.II, piloted by "sister" and
> artificial newtype Rozamia Badam. The Psyco Gundam gets stuck in the
> asteroid's innards, and Camille, Rozamia and Fa begin chasing each other
> around on foot. Rozamia is a total basket case (still), and Camille keeps
> getting these Four vibes from her. Fa tries to talk the addle-brained
> artificial newtype down, but no dice; she rushes back to the Psyco Gundam
> and the battle is resumed. In the end, Camille has no choice but to kill
> Rozamia; she thanks him for releasing her from her torment.
> Meanwhile, Scirocco eliminates his only remaining rival for control of the
> Titans. Basque Om's flagship, the Dogos Gear, is guarded by artificial
> newtype Geits Kappa, who is simultaneously "coaching" Rozamia; when she
> dies, the psychic backlash kills Geits as well, and Scirocco's forces (led
> by Reccoa) swarm over the Dogos Gear and blow it to bits.
> AEUGO uses the colony laser to fire at the asteroid Axis and divert it from
> its collision course.
> Episode 49: "Scattered Souls"
> While the Agama makes its way back to the rest of the AEUGO fleet, the
> Titans and Axis have both shown up to try and wrest back control of the
> colony laser. A vicious three-way battle begins, with AEUGO, Hamaan's Axis
> and Scirocco's Titans throwing all their forces into the fray. Thus begins
> the Great Character Purge.
> Emma and Katsu dock to form the Super Gundam and fend off Yazan's Hambrabi
> trio; Katsu insists on sticking around to fight in his puny cockpit capsule,
> and Yazan chases him into an asteroid. A furious Emma blows away Yazan's
> wingmen, but the enemy ace sneaks up behind her and blasts the Gundam's
> back. Like an idiot, Henken maneuvers the Radish into the fight to try and
> cover Emma - cover a mobile suit with a battleship! - and Yazan doesn't even
> break a sweat as he shoots the Radish to pieces.
> One very funny moment: Scirocco and Reccoa charge into battle, facing about
> a hundred Axis mobile suits. Suddenly there's a blaze of light, as Char -
> sitting on the sidelines - toasts the Axis forces with his mega bazooka
> launcher, leaving Scirocco all dressed up with nobody to fight.
> Meanwhile, the Agama contingent finally arrives. Camille is intercepted by
> Jerid, but shrugs him off with little effort; Jerid's crippled mobile suit
> spins off and plows into the wreck of the Radish, blowing whatever's left of
> the ship and its crew into space dust.
> Emma, her Gundam repaired, sets out to duel Reccoa. The two former friends
> strike, and Emma scores a dead hit. Emma recklessly gets out to inspect the
> wreck of Reccoa's mobile suit and see if she's still alive; Yazan, lurking
> nearby, opens fire, hits the wrecked mobile suit, and it explodes. Emma
> takes a hunk of burning shrapnel in the gut. Camille hulks out, chops up
> Yazan's mobile suit (though the fiend himself escapes), and collects Emma's
> dying body.
> Episode 50: "Run Through The Cosmos"
> Emma and Camille, huddled aboard a wrecked ship, have a last heart-to-heart.
> She urges him to take her life and use it to fight.
> Meanwhile, Char is ducking it out with Hamaan and Scirocco inside the barrel
> of the colony laser. The terrible twosome quickly dismantle Char's Type 100,
> and the action then shifts to the inner rooms of the super weapon. The trio
> are joined by Camille and Fa for more pistol-waving, pontificating,
> philosophizing action; then they all hop back into their mobile suits and
> hightail it out of the colony laser. Bright, who's been patiently waiting
> for his pilots to clear the barrel, then activates the colony laser and
> disintegrates the Titans fleet.
> Final duel time! Hamaan and Char end up slugging it out inside another
> wrecked ship. Char almost wins, despite the fact his mobile suit has about
> one limb left, but he forgot about the Quebeley's funnels. Hamaan offers him
> a chance to live and serve her (declined), then Char nails the ship's Secret
> Self-Destruct Widget with the Type 100's vulcans and blows it up around
> them. Hamaan escapes.
> Meanwhile, Camille discovers how frustrating it is to fight an
> indestructible mobile suit. Giving up on defeating Scirocco through
> conventional means, he summons all the friendly newtype ghosts at his
> disposal (Emma, Four, Rozamia) to hold the cold-blooded manipulator in place
> (Sara's ghost almost intervenes to help her man, but Katsu's ghost talks her
> out of it). Transforming the Zeta into wave rider mode, Camille plows into
> Scirocco's mobile suit and crushes him into pulp (very memorable!). The
> dying Scirocco fries Camille's teeny brain in revenge.
> The end. Fa collects her childhood pal, now with the IQ of a pork cutlet.
> The Titans are history, the Axis withdraw to pursue world domination, the
> AEUG are all but wiped out, the colony laser has supposedly blown a gasket.
> And the torso of the Type 100 drifts by, its cockpit hatch open, empty...?
> Scott Alexander Frantz
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