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What!? No GP03D. C'mon wouldn't a 1+ meter long MG Gundam model be just
kewl? LOL

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>Sent: October 25, 2000 8:22:28 PM GMT
>Subject: [gundam] Influence the development of the next MG?

>Apparentally, one of the administrators is >in contact
>with some people at Bandai and giving people a chance to vote >on the next
>Master Grade.
> I'm not too sure about the legitamacy of this, or whether the >votes will
>have a real effect on Bandai's choice, but it does make a >certain amount
>sense, Bandai turning to Americans to see what THEY want, since >then they
>have both domestic and foreign's this kind of >thinking, I
>that gave rise to the development of the PG Wing Zero Custom.
> Most of the votes are pro-UC though, with Kampfer currently >topping the
>Here's the link to Gshop's poll...
>Here's the current tally:
>Gm sniper]4
>Zaku III]2
>Hyaku Shiki]2
>GM cannon II]1
>Gelgoog Marine]1
>GM sniper II]1
>Zeta 1.5]1
>Gm Cannon Frome 0083]1
>Prototype ZZ]1
>GM Ground Type]1
>Galbody Beta]1
>Gerberta Tetra]1
>Jagd Doga]1
>Geara Doga]1
>Full Armour Gundam ALEX Test type]1
>EX-S Gundam]1

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