Thu, 26 Oct 2000 01:01:45 EDT

Hey. I saw on my EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) about a certain gundam game
going to be released state-side for the Playstation. It is called Gundam
Battle Assault, but I think it is actually Gundam Wing Battle Master. It is
an ad showing a bloody and blistered hand, with screen shots and the cover
with Wing Gundam on the front. I have some pros and cons for the game going
to be release:
1. They kept the pilots. In the screen shot, they showed RX-78 Gundam and The
O, and the pilots weren't the previous Battle Master types, but it showed on
the bottom Amuro Ray and Patimus Scirocco. On a second screen shot, it was
Neue Ziel and Zaku II, the pilots were Anavel Gato and I think Ranba Ral.
2. The style is the same. The screen looks like the ones from Gundam Battle
Master 2 (3 super meters, 3 life bars, time w/ nano seconds, etc.
1. The ads put Heero Yuy as the main character, not Amuro Ray. I guess they
want to appeal to North American fans mostly, but oh well. Also Wing Gundam
is put on the cover, not RX-78 Gundam.
2. They probably don't have gundams from other series like, G, V, X, 08th MS,
Turn-A, etc. It might have only added the five gundams in W Gundam.

Enough ranting. I'll buy it anyways.

-Monster Gundam

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