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><< Detail, and looks are perfect. But if you like to play with your kits,
> of the floppiness caused by the Core Fighter on the upper body.
> That's an understatement:) mine cannot even stand right, barely touched it
>to put it in a pose and it's flopped off! I finally got fed up with it and
>shoved it into a box in my closet. This may be extreme to some, but it was
>not worth the money, IMO.

Hmmmm. That's unusual. i hadn't thought of it that way with my MG Gp01Fb.
 But then, I don't pose my kits too much.

> Now, it's not 1/100, but 1/144, but the HGUC GP01 rules! It's much better
>then the MG, as it has none of problems the MG has, namely due to the fact
>has no removeable Core Fight, it's a seperate fight you build, so the
>structure of a kit's improved, when there's no transforming stuff. They
>do this, but I'd love to see a ver. 1.5 of the MG GP01, that fixes all of
>MG's problems.
>"Believing a sign of Zeta"

That I can agree with. I have a kit of that too, and all I can say is that
it rocks. But not as much as the Bawoo! LOL!

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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