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>Eddie writes,
>>I've always thought of it as some sort of transport for Gundam that can
>>provide support fire after it drops off the MS in the combat zone.
> I thought so too, but the way they talk about the G-Armor in the series
>really positions it as an upgrade to the Gundam, extending its already
>pretty whacked portfolio of combination and extension options. It's not
>just a shuttle - they have the Gunperry for that - but also a bundle of
>weapons, propulsion systems, and protective hardware for the Gundam's use...

Also, I have a sinking feeling that if ever there's an HGUC rx-78, it's
gonna come with the G-armor, just to get more money from us...

>>Wonder if a MG Billbine is in the works...
> I wouldn't be shocked - the HG-AB and ABiA!! product lines seem to be
>doing quite well. What I'd really like now, I think, would be an HG-Super
>Robot line. A slight design tune-up (a la Shin Getter's revamped Getter
>One), full color molding, and super-flexible joints... yay!
>-- Mark

As always, the first one will probably be a Mazinger Z.

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