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> > I disagree. Some people need this information. If you do not agree do
> > read it.
> I believe his point was that it's been posted, it's in the archives, no
> point in tying up *everyone's* inboxes with huge Zeta synopses again when
> you can go find it online in the archives.

for my two cents worth, I think its okay that we receive this over the
e-mail. it lessens surfing time for people like me who don't surf much
especially that right now I don't have a chance to surf anywhere else except
the office, where they have strict rules and regulations regarding surfing.

anyway, I don't know why a lot of people are making a big deal of this,
there are a lot of other less informative or irrelevant e-mail in the
mailing list that most people don't give attention to.

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