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<< Detail, and looks are perfect. But if you like to play with your kits,
 of the floppiness caused by the Core Fighter on the upper body.

  That's an understatement:) mine cannot even stand right, barely touched it
to put it in a pose and it's flopped off! I finally got fed up with it and
shoved it into a box in my closet. This may be extreme to some, but it was
not worth the money, IMO.

   Now, it's not 1/100, but 1/144, but the HGUC GP01 rules! It's much better
then the MG, as it has none of problems the MG has, namely due to the fact it
has no removeable Core Fight, it's a seperate fight you build, so the
structure of a kit's improved, when there's no transforming stuff. They won't
do this, but I'd love to see a ver. 1.5 of the MG GP01, that fixes all of the
MG's problems.

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