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> Where does V-Gundam fit in? I've only seen up to about ep.20, and
> not
> translated, but didn't they mass produce the V Gundam in that?
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> Andrew Dynon

I'm not sure whether it was mass-produced but I recall aside from V
(Victory)-Gundam there was another MS called V-Gundam hexa?!?. Also V-
Gundam came with an upgrade parts making it V-dashGundam (looks like a
VGundam with Guncannon's Cannon at its back). It was later replaced
with V2Gundam developed by Miguel Muller (Usso's Mom) and later came
with 2 plus parts called the Assault parts (Shield & other weapons I
forgot)and the Buster parts (Longrange Cannon and other weapons I
forgot) giving it 3 conversions: V2Assault Gundam, V2BusterGundam, and
& V2AssaultBusterGundam

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